When Change Happens, How Do You React?

“Lord, remind me how brief my time on earth will be. Remind me that my days are numbered – how fleeting my life is.”  (Psalm 39:4)

Have you noticed that during the worship service there seems to be a division concerning music on Sunday mornings?  One group longs to keep the old traditional hymns and the other wants to modernize its service with K-LOVE hits and a worship band. Polar opposites that create division and dissention.

How does God feel, I wonder, when He sees His people squabbling over such an thIYZOKL0Kissue? Churches have split because of this! Families will leave a church they’ve been attending for years because “after all, we ain’t never sung that before!”

News Flash:  Change happens whether we want it to or not, so embrace it if it glorifies God.

How do you react to change? It might affect your mental, spiritual and physical health.

Isn’t it silly to squabble about music? It reminds me of frustrated teenagers who scream, “I’m NOT being overly emotional!!!” as they slam their bedroom door in God’s Face.

I believe a good song transcends time or we would still be singing Stephen Foster verses.  Words have meaning!  I absolutely love K-Love. But I get impatient with “7/11” songs.  You know the singing of the same 7 words 11 times.  I feel like shouting, “Okay, I GET it already . . . let’s sing something else now.”  During those songs my mind tends to wander and that’s not worship.  Change is inevitable or we’d only be singing, “Bringing in the Sheaves.” As long as the words and music praise our Lord and touch one’s heart, why argue?

What brought this rant on was that we have a fabulous little worship band with a young man who is very gifted musically. He is around 12 years old and he is sensational drummer. He is worshipping His Lord in a way which uses his God-given talents. What would happen if he wasn’t allowed to change?  If he was restricted to playing only 200-year-old hymns? I wondered if he’d eventually search elsewhere for an outlet, even a secular one! What a loss! This world lures our Christian children away with their false praise and pleasures all the time.

thG5O99N5CWhen I worked for a faith-based, drug rehabilitation center, I heard it repeatedly: “My parents didn’t care what I did.” “I was lonely” “My friends were closer than my family” “I just wanted attention.”  When they felt neglected or stifled in their environment, they rebelled, seeking solace from drugs, alcohol, sex . . . even cutting themselves.  At least feeling something, even pain, was better than numbing apathy.

Mentally, the brain will crave what it so longs for and will subconsciously search for an outlet through physiological pleasing chemicals. And the chemicals found in food increases weight. That’s a change for the worse. Let me add another nutritional point: it’s not unusual for your culinary tastes to change over time as well. I enjoy foods now that I hadn’t as a child . . . veggies anyone? Enjoy Gods’ diverse bounty for that is what He intended.

I expect you’ve also changed as a parent over time for the better.  Children need your godly guidance.

  • Keep the channels of communication open!
  • Communicate effectively and steer your children into using whatever talents they possess for good, even if it’s different from yours.
  • Keep your loved ones grounded within your family and the church.
  • Remember that most family members don’t want things. They’d rather have a personal relationship with you. Our Lord doesn’t need our material gifts either – He wants our heart and love . . . a personal relationship with us.




7 thoughts on “When Change Happens, How Do You React?

  1. Well said! People will always find something to disagree with and that is why we have so many different types of churches. Change can be difficult and many people prefer to stay stuck in the same place believing that their way is the only right way. I personally embrace change and the older generation in my church supports our younger generation and keeps them interested and involved through new and innovative ways including playing contemporary music.

    Our worship leader shared an article in an American newspaper called ‘What is Wrong with Church Music’ that shared some comments made by church goers – 1) It’s too new 2) It’s often worldly, even blasphemous 3)Not as pleasant as the more established style 4) So many songs you can’t learn them all 5) Too much emphasis on instrumental music and not on Godly lyrics 6) Creates disturbances making people act indecently and disorderly 7) We got along perfectly well without it 8) A money making scam 9) New music upstarts are lewd and loose…..Sounds like a recent article? No, it was written by an American preacher, a church leader attacking Isaac Watts, the hymn writer who wrote the hymn ‘When I Survey the Wondrous Cross’ published in 1707. Nothing much has changed over the centuries!

    Personally I love the new music and it draws me deeper into my faith. And just on a side note, our worship leader has been nominated for a GMA award with his awesome and inspiring music! (Let them praise his name with dancing and make music to him with timbrel and harp.)


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