While working with doctors in the ’90s, I specialized in diabetic care. “Joe,” a 55-year-old overweight patient was a Type 1 Diabetic. He had been injecting insulin shots for over 40 years. Joes’ obesity didn’t thBCI8XUYSallow insulin to reach his insulin-responsive muscles and was in danger of losing a limb. Through a better diet and daily exercise, he lost 75 pounds in 14 months. His blood sugar levels stabilized and I was extremely proud of his dedication to healthy habits.


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14 thoughts on “Overcoming

  1. Good info and great news about “Joe.” I work in a theme park and, even though I weigh more than I should, I shudder at some of the people I see. Most of the wheel chair rentals appear to be to people who are too fat to walk the park. A few of our team members are obese, but they stay on their feet all day. It has to help them in some way. sd


  2. I love these practical blogs. The information is succinct and solid and always challenges me to strive to take better care of this body God has given me. Keep them coming, Ellie!


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  4. wow thanks so much this is gold !!! i will share this with dad and i have to admit im also lured into sticking to this even if i am not diabetic . i did got quite fat after quitting smoking and i really hope this will also help me lose weight …


  5. Great advice, Ellie. If you need to get chromium into your body fairly quickly, just add a teaspoon of nutritional yeast to a small amount of water or juice and drink. This will balance the blood-sugar so you don’t feel sleepy in the late afternoon or help you sleep at night when you can’t fall asleep.


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