Plug Into the Best Power Source!

The other day since I wasn’t researching on my computer, writing or answering comments from mine or other blogs, I went through closets, dusted shelves and cleaned the grout on my kitchen counters. What a sense of accomplishment THAT was! Afterwards, I curled up and read an interesting devotional I’ve been attempting to get to. A peaceful and intimate afternoon with our Lord, how refreshing. Isn’t spending time with the One who gave us Life, comforting?!

Praise God we don’t have to go through a series of voice messages (aren’t they frustrating?) in our prayer life before we reach the One who answers all our questions. Sometimes of course, prayers aren’t answered in the way we expect or as quickly as we wish, but He does provide for all our needs nevertheless. His timing is always perfect..

Thirdly, nutritionally, how similar to those who want instant gratification in weight loss too. Perhaps, like me who doesn’t understand computer terminology, do you get impatient with nutritional terminology and become impatient as well? Patients have asked me: How am I supposed to know how much 20 grams is anyway?! Forget it. (4 grams equal a teaspoon by the way.) Some are too impatient to follow practical instructions and would rather search for an easier fix for quicker weight loss. Don’t. Do. That! You will be setting yourself up for yo-yo dieting and future health issues. Understanding physiology takes time, but it is certainly worth the journey.

One good thing came from all this however. I didn’t destroy my hubby’s computer or lost any files. See, there is always something to praise God for!


15 thoughts on “Plug Into the Best Power Source!

  1. Having your internet go down is a blessing. I like what you said, Ellie, about His timing is perfect. Sometimes, it is time to do other things besides being on the internet. Sometimes, it is time to relax. 🙂


    • oh whine . . . ya caught me on the internet agaaaiinn. (I’m surprised my butt isn’t 68 inches wide by now!) I agree the internet can be quite the addiction. Relaxed now? Absolutely! If you had spent a day in my shoes three years ago you would have thought I was the Energizer Bunny. 55+ work weeks. God however taught me to slow down and enjoy HIm more. How I praise Him for that wake-up call. One can’t put a price tag on that. Appreciate your comment Carol. Blessings,


      • So, I’m not the only one who worries about the expansion of my butt by sitting at the computer for so many hours a day. There’s bound to be some long term study on this. 🙂


  2. What a lesson! When we think we’re being inconvenienced, we’re actually being blessed! I hope to someday take a family vacation where no one has a phone or internet access! (I can hear the kids protesting in my mind…)


  3. Living in such a rural area, our internet is out at least 5 times a week. I’ve reached the point where I spend so much time with the technicians that come to our house to fix it, that when I call customer service, I actually tell them what the problem is, and then they don’t believe me! When our internet goes down, for me it’s kind of like every other problem in life – there’s always a solution, something to learn, or another area that needs my attention more! Hope it doesn’t happen again soon… 😉


    • Christine, you bring up a very important observation. Challenges occur throughout our life, it’s inevitable. It is how we REACT to them that makes or breaks our character, isn’t it? For me, I had to put myself in that technician’s shoes and realize that she was just as frustrated as I was that I couldn’t understand a simple concept. It wasn’t her fault, so now the point was: what would I do with the time I had before me? Be useful or waste it! Thanks for that excellent point and by now I bet you are one of the most patient people I know, 🙂 Blessings,


  4. Good post. Please send your hubby to my house. My computer crashed and was fixed but I can’t seem to get the wifi connection to the printer working again.

    One of the first things me teachers told me when I started my journey was to NEVER pray for patience. Because I’d be given trials until I learned patience. Aaaaarrrrrggghhh!!!


    • Oh, love it, you are so funny! 🙂 Last night my sweet husband came home, read my post and commented, “Gee you could have written, ‘then my intelligent husband came home and fixed it by disconnecting the cords and then simply rebooting again.” So I am glad you gave him credit here!

      If you write like this, I’ve got to go visit your blog! Sure hope you come back because I think a sense of humor (plus kindness) are the best qualities one can own. Blessings,


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