An Analogy Regarding Trust

I’m back after a 10 day vacation and ready to resume posting blogs once again. Thanks for your patience. We had an enjoyable but whirl-wind trip and I am very grateful we don’t fly too often. To all the followers who recently joined my little blog, although I haven’t had time to respond, I appreciate you!

While away, we had to leave our pups in our veterinarian’s kennel and we were so happy to see their smiling faces once again when we returned!

As I was feeding our little Lhasa, Jewel, that first day back, I patted her on the head as I usually did. Surprisingly however, she tensed and growled at me, distrustful. I could only surmise that she thought I was going to take away her food, one of her joys of living. How could she think that??? We’ve never given her any reason to distrust us! On the contrary, our pooches live pampered lives with plenty of belly rubs, daily walks and treats. As I fed her the next day, I continued to stroke her head until she realized she had nothing to fear. Gradually she began to trust me again, realizing I only had her best interests at heart.

thVRSMWZ7SWhen we are away from God for a time, do we do the same? God has never given us reason to distrust Him. Rather He bestowed on us bountiful blessings and yet sometimes we believe He wants to take away our reason for living too! God said we have nothing to fear if we follow Him and yet how many Christians fail to trust God when challenges arise? As soon as an illness, financial, weight gain, relationship or other challenge arises, we impatiently turn from God who has the answers, and search for humanistic ones. After all, a humanistic ‘expert’ we can see, but a relationship with God is based on faith.

Have patience, for even with God, a relationship usually takes time. Trust issues are building blocks that grow. In today’s world we normally don’t trust someone immediately, for we don’t know them well. Who knows, their smile could be a façade to scam us? But why don’t we build trust in our true God who has known us since before the world began? (Psalm 139)  Let’s begin by reading, understanding and memorizing Scripture! (Jeremiah 29:11, Psalm 37: 3-6, Psalm 118:8)  The more we are in the Word, the more we recognize God’s Guiding Hand and blessings abounding in our lives. We realize He knew best all along and that builds trust.

“But as for me, I trust in You, O Lord; I say, “You are my God.” 
My times are in Your hand. (Psalm 31:14-15)

But what if Jewel was coveting her possessions?  She had shared a large kennel with her Cocker Spaniel brother and perhaps thought he would eat it, even though he is so gentle, he’s never taken anything of hers before, not even her toys. How human-like these dogs are! Humans are so afraid of loss that we’ll covet material possessions more than our LORD. Our home, food, automobiles, time . . .  all our possessions are God’s! We only borrow them for a short time on earth. What awaits us in heaven is so much grander.

“Some trust in chariots and some in horses, but we trust in the name of the LORD our God.” (Psalm 20:7)

Even if we lost everything, our souls belong to the Lord and that possession can never be taken away!

24 thoughts on “An Analogy Regarding Trust

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  2. Oh, Ellie, I was so excited when reading your blog. I am in the process of adopting a puppy and your post made me realize how sensitive they are and how easily they can distrust us if we “abandon” them. I loved your connection with trust in God. We are like puppies. 🙂

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  3. Reblogged this on FOR THE LOVE OF GOD and commented:
    I just checked this site out and as I have lately been having discussions very similar to this with others in the community I live, this was timely and a confirmation from the Holy Spirit. Check out her site also, Sister Ellie’s site applies Biblical principles to good nutrition without resulting to the “law” but rather to God-given grace!

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  4. Sister Ellie, thanks for stopping by my blog. I’ve been away for a couple of weeks also and what so surprised me was I’ve been discussing similar situations relating to faith, good-eating habits but most importantly trusting God in ALL things. This post especially caught my eye. It truly was an inspiration and confirmation from the Holy Spirit!
    Also, I’ll be pleased and honored to add your site link to my links page and will definitely be following as time and Holy Spirit allow! God bless you richly in all your service (ministry) to the Lord and to all who come through your site.

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  5. Very good article, was a good read. Hope you enjoyed your vacation but for your puppies sake I am glad that you are back home. Stay safe Sister, God’s blessings to you and your family always.

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    • Thank you so much. That vacation was for an interview for a pastor position my husband felt called to. Since then we have we have moved our sweet pups and household from our beloved Arizona to northern Ohio where they met snow for the first time and we saw it for the first time in twenty three years. Ha! Who says god doesn’t have a sense of humor, I was praying for Florida or South Carolina! Blessings,


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