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  1. Hi Ellie!! Thank you so much for your beautiful words…I am truly honored by the beauty you expressed! I love your nominees and I can’t wait to go visit them. Thank you so much for being a part of the blog tour Ellie…you’re the best ❤ ❤


  2. Hi thanks for this post, I enjoyed reading yours. Meanwhile I have followed the blogs you recommended :). Can you please check if Christine’s web address is correct? It told me it doesnt exist so I went on google to find her. Thank you 🙂


  3. Pastor Joe, I have never had a problem copying and pasting before – God must love you very, very much because Satan was trying to prevent this function – attacking my computer trying to mess it up. It took 7 times on two computers before it finally “stuck.” Hopefully now it’s fine. Thank you for sending the link once again. (We have that special week coming up which I spoke to you about and prayers for excellence regarding our Christian witness are requested please) Blessings,


  4. Hi Ellie! I had not heard from you so today I came in search of your “blog tour” 🙂 I found the post! And I thank you dear friend for the lovely words! They mean so much to me.
    I think I may know why I had not heard anything….the link you put in my section is for another persons blog 🙂


    • oh my gosh, I’m so sorry -please send me another link right here in the comment section and I’ll copy and paste it. I thought I used the one I was sent – many apologies and I’ll rectify the situation as soon as I can, (traveling right now) – although someone told me they were following your blog because of it, strange.


      • Hi Ellie! Thank you for the reply. I think the the blog I am linked to is Joe Quatrone Jr, 🙂
        it is funny how someone started following me without the link! God works in mysterious ways!! LOL
        And I am really happy about that…everyday!
        Here is my link!
        And thank you again Ellie! I will get on this soon! Bless you!


  5. Wish I could, but we have two weddings and a big anniversary coming up and funds are limited. I sure hope to in the future – it looks very promising! Have you been before? Kristen Conroy stated that they might look into having one out west which would be wonderful! God willing, I will attend one in the future. Boy would it be great to meet you in person! Blessings back,


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