Life Lessons Learned from a Lhasa

That little Lhasa Apso of ours never ceases to amaze me. She gets lots of belly rubs, daily walks and nightly treats – in fact she gets treated better than we ever treated our sweet children . . .  poor babies! But just like humans, Jewel never seems satisfied with all she is given!

DSCN2971Case in point: this morning I placed breakfast in front of both our Cocker Spaniel, Sebastian and her and they proceeded to chow down . . .  mmm, tasty. Then as usual each weekday, I prepare my husband’s lunch for the office (aka; golf course.)  Well our Cocker always enjoys watching me in the kitchen so he left his bowl to observe. I’m not fooled, it’s not for companionship, he simply hopes I’ll drop a piece of lettuce on the floor.Sebastian

Unbeknownst to Sebastian however, he failed to survey his doggie kingdom. Focusing so  intently on me, Sebastian didn’t notice as Jewel began consuming his food. (But I did. Promptly admonished, she was banished to her “room” for a time-out.)

How like Jewel we are sometimes! God has given us an abundance of beneficial gifts and yet are we ever satisfied?  With all we are blessed with, sometimes we  search for even more to satisfy us. Sometimes it’s the pursuit of worldly desires  – “keeping up with the Jones” – consumed by larger homes, 60″ televisions, expensive cars, luxury vacations . . . (How much money is enough?) Sometimes it’s the lusts of the flesh; alcohol, drugs or even an “all you can eat” buffet when we have a fridge full of food at home! Coveting anything, even food is sin.

That is when we must be careful and praise God for all He has given us and not lust after what we crave. God knows exactly what we need to satisfy, as opposed to what could become our downfall.

Back to my Lhasa: While my Cocker was focused on his master and was silently praying that a piece of lettuce or carrot would fall, he trusted me to give him what he desired. (I could almost see his intelligent brain intensely praying in doggie language.) I know carrots are good for him, but too many aren’t. So I weigh his needs in the balance.

God does likewise with us. He’ll only give us what’s best for us. An overabundance of worldly gifts with no discipline is never good. Sometimes we desire something so much we take what we want without regard to the consequences. Then when we lose control we sometimes have the audacity to blame God for our weakness.

How do you think God views us when we pursue desires we shouldn’t? How do we know the difference? Recognize God’s Truth and know Scripture, that’s how! When a goal is God’s Will, one will have a peace about it. I don’t have to tell you that “pigging out” at a buffet is going to make you feel uncomfortable, bloated and out of control, so why try to justify what you know is against God’s Will? Dedicate your mental, physical and spiritual actions to God-pleasing behaviors.

Sebastian remained focused on his master and I took care to protect him.  I shooed that naughty little scoundrel away from his daily sustenance. Likewise if we learn to focus on God’s Word, He will protect us, for He knows what is in our best interest. He has promised to never withhold any good thing from us. Therefore trust him to provide for all our needs. That’s faith.

“And my God will meet all your needs according to the riches of his glory in Christ Jesus”  (Philippians 4:19)


22 thoughts on “Life Lessons Learned from a Lhasa

  1. What a wonderful article Ellie. It came to me at the perfect time when I had an important decision to make. Thanks. I always enjoy your stuff.


  2. Oh Ellie..just perfect!! God does know best and we should rest assured that that we are encircled in the best possible arms!! How good does that make me feel???? Thanks for this gem 🙂 Blessitude


      • Yes…Please do Ellie. I’m sitting in our car with my puppy on my lap…stuck in a traffic jam in S.C. on our way to NJ. It’s 96 degrees (not running a/c for long because car may overheat) My pup is saying “enough!” 🙂


      • Poor thing! I can relate – I remember what it was like to get stuck on I-95 since we’ve lived in Myrtle Beach, SC, Florida and NJ. My sympathies.

        Why not move to Arizona and enjoy wide open spaces with plenty of tumbleweed, cactus but fewer cars? However the trade-off it will be 110 today and that will be cool in August.. (It’s a dry heat) 🙂 I’m literally praying right now for safety reasons that the traffic will move along soon!


      • Your prayers worked!! We are safe in our hotel for the night 🙂 Poor soul had a terrible accident. ..pray for them & family.
        I never believe that stuff about “dry” heat not being hot…Over 100 dry or wet…IS HOT!! Haha. I prefer the humidity. ..every time I am out west my nose gets so dry it bleeds…icky!


  3. This is such a lovely article Ellie, you have such a warm and friendly wiritng style, I feel like you’re talking just to me 🙂

    Some great lessons and insights shared too.

    Thank you also for visiting my blog, I’m glad you found something that blessed you.



    • Oh what a sweet compliment, thank you! I was so pleased to see that you have decided to follow my blog. Welcome to the best follower list on the internet! I love my followers and I do care about them – so I guess you are right on that count, I write as if I am speaking to each of them because each have touched my heart in different ways.

      So appreciative of your comment and hope you’ll come back to write many more! Blessings,


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