A Weight Loss “Secret” Weapon! Who Knew?

images5LCFWI61In today’s world of fancy, ‘smancy nutritional supplements, plain old calcium hardly gets respect. Everyone’s searching for a new and improved version.  Believe me, if I professed to have created a calcium supplement infused with whale bone cartilage and announced it could cure osteoporosis, I’d have enough money to rule the world by now. But choosing to rely on God’s simple instructions  in Genesis 1:29 and 9:3 doesn’t produce a lavish lifestyle. But then again, how does one place a price tag on maximum health?

There once was an advertising campaign touting the benefits of consuming calcium-rich dairy products to lose weight. But I don’t remember anyone explaining why. Perhaps if they had, the campaign would have lasted longer. So here’s why:

Calcium sticks to dietary fats and blocks absorption of fat calories. Our bodies like to have lots of bone-building calcium on hand. When it doesn’t, the body stores calcium within our fat cells. When we consume a high calcium diet, fat cells release stored calcium because our bodies don’t need it. This makes it easier to break down fat and thus we lose weight. Voila’, simple, right? Hmm, I hear that Klondyke Bar calling . . .  actually, calcium aids in the body’s utilization of iron. Chocolate contains iron . . . anything in moderation.

Sometimes doctors encourage women to consume Tums for extra calcium.  What do I think? I am torn regarding this advice. Tums has 500 mg of calcium carbonate which is the best absorption percentage. A calcium supplement should be taken once in the morning and once in the evening for maximum absorption. Calcium needs an acidic environment in order to metabolize. On the pH scale: 1  (most acidic) -14 (maximum alkaline), the stomach is approximately at 2-3.  Acidic enough to break down Tums. But I weigh that against the fact that Tums is meant to neutralize stomach acid, so is it actually absorbed or is it a waste of money?  Second, with talc, corn starch, added dyes: Red 40, Yellow 5 & 6, as well as Blue 1, I’d rather acquire my calcium from more natural sources, such as yogurt, broccoli and salmon. (See previous post for examples.)

Calcium has a way of balancing out the pH scale, preventing too much acid or too much alkali in the blood. An acidic personality is more stressed, irritable, nervous and generally unpleasant to be around. An alkaline personality is calmer, smiles more and generally is someone you want to get to know. So if your spouse is irritable, “give them plenty of fruits and veggies for dinner and call me in the morning.”

When the body is more acidic it ages faster too. Stress shows on the face, as I’m sure you have found if you ever had a headache. Therefore, consuming calcium, along with magnesium and Vitamin D rich foods and drinking plenty of water, restores proper pH balance. Calcium is a natural tranquilizer, so don’t forget the milk with your child’s cookie. Calcium deficiency in children show up as temper tantrums and fretful crying.

Calcium also protects against the harmful rays of the sun, assisting in the prevention of sun sunburn, certain cancers and additional wrinkles. Combine Vitamin A and calcium together for skin protection too: Fish Florentine or a peach smoothie are great combinations! High intake of calcium helps relieve the symptoms connected with aging, joint aches, backaches, brittle teeth, tremors and insomnia.

Another benefit: Consuming calcium rich foods with vitamin C will bind collagen together. Therefore salmon with a citrus sauce or a banana-orange smoothie in the morning is a great Rx for youthful looking skin and attitude!

Enjoy God’s balanced life!

“As newborn babes, desire the pure milk of the word, that you may grow thereby:” (1 Peter 2:2)


13 thoughts on “A Weight Loss “Secret” Weapon! Who Knew?

  1. Very useful information, I’ll email this blog to my mom, she’s so into nutrition and healthy lifestyle…I mean, I am too! lol we all should, but I’m sure my mom will enjoy your blog, thanks for sharing! 😉


  2. Great advice Ellie , and yes it’s so True about balance, God even warns us too much Honey will make us sick…..

    Proverbs 25:15-17 Hast thou found honey? eat so much as is sufficient for thee, lest thou be filled therewith, and vomit it.

    I once use to think how much easier it will be when they create pills instead of food but for sure they would have all different colors and shapes and weekly specials to choose from and cheaper prices if you buy in bulk , so I decided to stick with what I know, than along comes Ellie and I realize just how much I don’t know Lol

    Christian Love – Anne


  3. Very helpful information! I take a calcium/magnesium supplement every day but try to also add kale or spinach to my strawberry smoothie everyday. It really makes a difference!


    • Thank you so much for your comment! I always appreciate hearing form others – (oh and I am so grateful you are now following my blog! Yeah) I’m glad that you are finding calcium through food as the best source and supplementing it also. Just ensure that you get out into the sun or take a vitamin D along with it too for maximum absorption. Blessings,


  4. Wow I had no idea calcium was that useful! I just always heard “strong bones” and my thought was “my bones are awesome already – pfft!” I’m newly inspired to keep an eye on how much (or little) calcium I’m getting. Thanks!


    • Thanks Rae! Right back at ya! I had that same attitude, “not me – I eat too well” – God has a way of keeping me humbled, 🙂 Things happen for a reason and now I can pass on my experience to others – so God’s Will trumps mine every time, 🙂 ! Thank you so much for your comment, please come back – I’d enjoy hearing from you again. Blessings,


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