“. . . and then there’s







12 thoughts on ““. . . and then there’s

  1. This post resonates so much with me today. I need to increase my calcium intake because my nails have been brittle especially after some months of birth control injection. I had to stop the injection due to weight increase and painful joints added with the amount of weight I carried around.
    I am also for the things God created as food so I eat as he leads me to his glory. I choose God as well any time despite all the diet talks 🙂


    • (Oh how I love blogging – I meet the nicest people! Thanks for following my blog.) It is always best to derive your vitamins from food but in this day and age, the soil isn’t as fertile and nutrients aren’t as abundant. As long as your pill breaks up in your system within a half hour that will suffice. And by your brilliant, vibrant smile it looks like you eat very well. Blessings,


  2. This is a great post, Ellie. I loved the scripture references and was surprised to learn that lack of calcium causes insomnia – something I’ve been experiencing lately. I’ll drink a glass of (2% milk) before bedtime. 🙂


    • Thanks Carol. I so appreciate your compliments! To God be the Glory so I don’t get a big head.

      Cherries are also excellent for they contain a lot of melatonin. If you use my search engine you can read my blog on “Sleep, Glorious Sleep.” It might help you. (Would I be out of bounds to advise you can cut down to 1% milk? Because 2% is actually 40% fat.) Blessings,


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