Patchwork Lives


6 thoughts on “Patchwork Lives

  1. Hi Ellie. I really enjoyed your post. I wish more women realized that God made each of them unique and special. They are wonderfully beautiful the way they each are. We all need to ignore the world’s view of everything and concentrate on how God wants us.


    • Thank you for those kind words. Yes, I agree that true beauty derives from the inside out. Today’s materialistic and hedonistic society makes it so hard for young girls to know and desire the true goodness of Christ.. With so many smutty music videos and television shows pushed on them, I pray the Word will get out there and somehow I can make a difference. So happy you commented and hope you will come back often my new friend, blessings,


  2. Hi Ellie, so very True and a great analogy. I never judge anyone’s Destiny or their final Tapestry, most would have said I was a write off, the threads too tangled, the colors too faded but God’s Threads are weaved in Gold and cannot be broken and they sparkle!

    I ended up on the Merrygoround, I felt so pressured to measure up outwardly so I would be accepted, I had suffered much rejection, it seemed the only way. Wow did I look good on the outside but what a mess inside, fear, worry, ill health. I was Trapped in Bulimia and than drugs, the ones I took for appetite control were brought over the counter without a prescription, they were deadly, they acted like speed on the brain and I could not sleep, I was in Hospital for months and the sleep problems stayed for many years, they did ban it and there was a Royal Commission, many were afflicted before they found out how dangerous it was.

    I would like to share I learnt my lesson but the need to be accepted and Loved was very great. But Praise our wonderful King, I now feel like His princess even though outwardly I don’t measure up to the worldly focus on beauty. Yes it’s True I have laugh lines and grey hair and I’m disabled but there is no one I’m not willing to show God’s Love to, or His correction if needed and so risk rejection, we are all people of worth, WE ALL NEED HIS LOVE, HIS DIRECTION HIS FOCUS.

    Christian Love – Anne


    • Oh Anne, you are truly a blessing to me and such an inspiration for women everywhere! God has refined you and as I have said many times, “I wouldn’t change my horrific past for anything because it made me a strong, independent, Joyful, Christian woman.” That’s something I can’t put a price tag on.

      God refines those He cares about and I praise God you have survived the worst and are still strong in the Lord! Blessings my dear friend and thank you for caring to write what you did,


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