Running out of gas?

dog running in circlesSo I was walking my little white Lhasa the other day when I stopped and spoke to our friendly neighbor who keeps an eye on our house while we are away. He was cleaning out his garage and I asked him how it was going? He sighed and told me this terribly sad story:

“aah, not so good Ellie.” he sad sadly shaking his head, “I was cleaning out the front of my garage yesterday when I placed a pan of gasoline on the  driveway. A little dog came up and started drinking it before I could stop him. He then started acting berserk, going round and round as fast as can be. Then he suddenly stopped dead in his tracks and keeled over.”

Well, being a tender-hearted person, I teared up and asked, “Oh how sad! . . .  he died?”

“Nope, he just ran out of gas.”

EEEER!!! I couldn’t believe I fell for that old joke! Reminder to self: Jesus did say, “Love Your Neighbor As Yourself.”  (Mark 12:31)

Well, as I continued along my path, I focused my thoughts on God as I usually do and came up with a Spiritual principle I can derive even from THIS illustration.

How many of you have seen brand new Christians get excitedly “gassed up” on the Word of God? They are ON FIRE for the Lord! They remind me of a pendulum which wildly sways from one side to the other. I am so happy they found the Lord but I am also apprehensive. For I have seen what happens next over and over again. When the first challenge comes, they run out of gas. They shake their fist at God and wonder how He could treat them so badly? They turn away before anchoring themselves to the Word of God.

God never guarantees smooth sailing as a Christian. In fact, Christ declared just the opposite.

“I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.” John 16:33

As a Christian, be prepared for conflict and discouragement. Be secured in the Word.  A Spiritual walk over a lifetime usually consists of many steps forward and one or two steps back. The important aspect of this is to continue growing and moving forward because our Lord’s welcoming arms are outstretched, waiting for us. God doesn’t change his mind. He is constant. He will never disown us, even when we rebel or do something incredibly foolish like return to our old, degrading habits.

As I continued along, another thought crossed my mind regarding the above illustration; that of a link between spirituality and health. How many health-seekers start out fanatically gung-ho and suddenly after three weeks run out of gas?!  They had declared they had found the perfect diet plan! “This one says I can lose 26 pounds in two weeks! All I have to do is give up all carbs and run ten miles each day.”

How realistic is that? Not very if you have read my past blogs.

They profess to all how wonderful this complicated but beneficial new plan is. They want everyone to try it because after all, it’s truth! . . .  until it isn’t. It worked for this celebrity, why didn’t it work for me?  It simply turns out to be another diet guru’s false plan.

Real change starts from within and is grounded in factual, Absolute Truth. Remember to keep yourself anchored to the Word of God and He will direct your paths.

“In all your ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct your paths.” Proverbs 3:6


11 thoughts on “Running out of gas?

  1. Don’t feel bad I fell for it also! Actually my dad used to tell that joke and that was over 30 yrs ago, you think I would have known!! lol All I can say what you wrote is AMEN! This past year it would have been easy to give up and blame God for my husbands death, I am thankful I have had plenty of His servants over the years to not only make my anchor strong but I have wonderful friends from near and afar that has helped to keep the anchor in place. Or I guess I just have not run out of gas yet!! 🙂 A great way to end my evening with a good chuckle!


    • Thank you Patty. When your husband passed away, my heart broke for you because you and your husband had such a similar relationship to ours. But never did I doubt your strength in being anchored in the Lord and that He would uphold you through the pain. You my dear lady are an inspiration to others due to your enormous heart and positive mental outlook in the face of adversity. How I love you. I appreciate your comment as well as your humor. Keep chuggin’ away,


      • God bless your dear sweet heart, Ellie, you have been such a comfort to me. Although we have never met in person, your posts have become a good part of my day I have learned so much from all of my dear blogging friends and have matured in my faith. God is so good and has blessed me with loving and caring friends. Thank you for being a part of my day! In Gods love and mine ~~ Hugs.


  2. Ellie,
    I had my thyroid gland removed last week. I am now taking a synthetic hormone for life. There is so much written about thyroid issues and I often wonder what is true. My biggest question is, “What is the healthiest diet for thyroid issues?” And, is it true that people in my situation find it almost impossible to lose weight? I am re-reading Rhona Epstein’s book, “Food Triggers” for my sugar addiction. I just want to honor God and eat a healthy balanced diet.



    • Oh Wendy, I’m so sorry to hear about your thyroid but so happy you’re still determined about never giving up! So proud of you! Listen, if you type the one word, (thyroid) in my search engine above, it will come up with at least 3 posts I wrote about diet and the thyroid. I’m praying that this will help even though you had yours removed. I hesitate to say more until I research it further. Those posts were targeted toward anyone with a thyroid still.

      I do however, have a very close friend who had hers removed and is a very healthy weight. Of course like you, she is on medication for the rest of her life. However she lives a bountiful life but recently had her medication adjusted because she felt her memory was fuzzy on it. She eats extremely healthy with my recommended diet of whole grains lots of good fibrous vegetables, fruits. nuts, seeds and herbs. You might even lose weight faster now so remain optimistic and don’t settle (!!!) for an unhealthy lifestyle when there’s no need to. (I’ll start searching through my books and if I discover anything I’ll send it. Stay happy and blessed,


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