Villian or Hero?


18 thoughts on “Villian or Hero?

    • Oh Lilly, it is so good to hear from you once again! Never fear, one doesn’t have to give up something they love to eat or drink (except if it is an addiction and replaces our Lord that is) Coffee, as I’ve mentioned above, is fine in moderation. In moderation it improves my “morning mood” and that’s enough of a reason to drink it for me! Thank you again for commenting and I’m sending blessings from afar,


  1. Thank you so much for the additional information. The last few months I had started drinking about a half a pot of coffee a day. Then headaches if I missed a day. Not good. Also, wanted to thank you for including my blog in your post. It is much appreciated. You have a wonderful ministry. It is so informative and edifying at the same time. You do a wonderful job. I pray God’s continued blessings and grace to you!


  2. You are more than welcome sweet friend. I am sure your headaches have been caused by caffeine withdrawal and depleted B vitamins. I urge you to taper this off gradually (like half or 1 cup a day) as I did with my patient. Replace with plain or water with lemon and that will help a lot. (The blood vessels restrict due to dehydration which unfortunately I failed to mention in the post. This is what also causes the headaches.)

    I am pleased to have been able to assist you and thank you so much for the compliment. Hope more will find your wonderful blog! Blessings,

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  3. I struggle with migraine headaches and find that caffeine is my drug of choice. The other drugs the doctors have prescribed come with side effects. If I don’t drink caffeine unless I have a migraine – coffee will often resolve the migraine completely with no rebounds. It is a blessing to have found such a wonderful drug that tastes so good as well! 😉


  4. Oh how awful Nancy, migraines are so debilitating! I once had a patient who spent up to 3 weeks in a dark room each month due to them. She almost had no life! When it comes to caffeine and migraines it certainly is a balancing act. A little opens up and relaxes but too much dehydrates and restricts your blood vessels.

    Best advice, listen to your body, it knows you better than anyone and will tell you when it feels. One trick I advised my patients (if you can stand it) was to consume a teaspoon of hot tabasco, salsa, horseradish or other hot product. It sends serotonin to your brain and relaxes your blood vessels quickly. Thank you Nancy for your comment and blessings for your continued good health,


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