True Champions Practice What They Preach!

I am finalizing my interview with David from David Vale Fitness this morning.  I urge you to log on to and discover his remarkable health transformation for yourself.

E: Okay David, because you succeeded in conquering your health challenge, would you mind telling our readers what you found to be the most important aspect to health?David Vale and family

D: Pairing together fitness and nutrition is so key to success. I do believe that proper nutrition is 70% of the equation and equally as difficult to achieve. One can simply lose padding with proper nutrition alone. But total health must include some aspect of physical exercise.

E:  So true because muscle efficiently burns fat.

D:  Right. Physical exercise should be incorporated at least 5 days a week for at least 30 minutes each time. But, this does not have to be something one dreads or monotonous activities that are easy to lose interest. What I seek for my clients is a balance of cardio, resistance, body weight, and interval exercises throughout a week. Simply put, I want folks to get their heart rate up a couple days a week and I want folks to use their muscles the other days.

 E:  And what should people expect from this type of workout?

D:  This balanced approach will strengthen heart and cardiorespiratory health, increase bone density, recruit muscle growth and joint strength. This also increases calorie burn and reduces the risks of atrophy, osteoporosis, heart disease, and diabetes. I encourage folks to keep an open mind, try new things, and find that type of exercise that clicks with you. For me it was home-based workouts like P90X and running. But this can also be gardening, brisk walking, group fitness, or things that you naturally do around the house.

E:  Anyone who goes onto your website will be impressed that you truly practice what you preach. You are an inspiration to many who have a lot of weight to lose. Can you tell us a little about how you accomplished this tremendous weight loss goal?

D: Thank you so much for these kind words. I do what I love and love what I do. But, if you had told me three years ago that I would be writing a blog, teaching fitness classes, or would be an inspiration for others, I would have called you crazy!

E: You obviously had a great support system surrounding you. Any encouraging words for our readers on that?

D: Here’s the truth: it takes work and support. It took work by me and support from my family and friends. And focus – there are folks out there that for some reason don’t want you to succeed. Ignore all that.

I achieved success through the combination fitness, nutrition, and accountability. I consistently exercised using the 2 day rule (I don’t skip more than 2 days in a week). Nutrition was an evolution and the toughest part for me. I made incremental changes each week where I sought to replace a poor food choice with a healthier alternative. For instance, instead of fries, I would try a veggie or baked chips. Over time, my palette changed to where I went to a fully clean nutrition plan like the one I described previously.

E: If only more people would understand that as people stay away from the junk, the less their body craves it physiologically!

D:  Exactly! And for accountability, I sought out friends and others online that have either already gone through a health change or had a similar interest. My wife is a Dietitian, so we always have great meals and foods in our house because of her influence. But, I had to learn how to eat right when she wasn’t looking. When times got tough (and they will) it was key to have this group to be accountable to and to lift me up. Now, I lead these groups and provide that support system for anyone who desires a healthy lifestyle.

E: I appreciate your openness David, in overcoming a personal challenge. I know it will also assist many with conquering that dreaded muffin top area too! No doubt, forty years from now, you will still be as much of a personal testament to clean, positive living as you are today. I so appreciated your time in answering one of my favorite follower’s question. Thank you.


“Finally, be strong in the Lord and in the strength of his might.” Ephesians 6:10-12




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  1. Reblogged this on David Vale Fitness and commented:
    Recently I had the pleasure of being interviewed by a Nutritionist blogger friend of mine regarding fitness topics, getting rid of the dreaded muffin top, and the balance of fitness, nutrition and support. Here is part 3 or 3 from the interview where she asks my about my story, how I did it, and the importance of a support system!


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