Aspiring to Conquer Muffin Top Mountain

Today we continue our interview with David Vale of David Vale Fitness,  who really lives what he professes:

Ellie: Yesterday we discussed the basics. Today I’d like to talk about something that’s probably a gimmick, like those new exercise machines I’ve seen at trade shows. They promise great results but reminded me of the old exercise machines with the mechanical belts that didn’t make someone lose anything but their money. Can’t remember what they were called . . .

david vale individual photoDavid: Funny! I can’t remember what the name is either. I also remember the butt rumblers that you would sit on. I have heard of folks buying home machines and losing about 1450 .. dollars that is!

A machine typically has a singular function and exercises one body part. The reality here is one’s body will adapt to that one exercise, become more efficient at it, and eventually lose its effectiveness. This will also place focused stress on the body parts used which leads to a greater possibility of injury. Remember to include a balanced exercise plan that incorporates cardio, resistance, body weight and interval exercises. One really needs to find a balance and a mixture of exercises to train the entire body including upper muscles, legs, core, synergistic and functional moves, and cardio.

Now, don’t get me wrong. Everyone starts somewhere. If that somewhere is an elliptical or treadmill, that is awesome! Once one finds success being consistent here, then I would look to introduce additional or different exercises.

E: Well, what about basic walking?

D: Walking is great. And often times this is a great place for folks to start out. Over time, however, walking can get monotonous, so I would suggest finding some variety through a music playlist, recruiting some friends, changing the scenery, or adding intervals of brisk walks or jogs based on ones ability or comfort level. The risk with walking is that it does burn less calories, which means it will take longer to get rid of the extra padding. This could discourage folks or cause them to lose focus. To offset this, one can also hold light weights, increase pace or intensity with hills/inclines.

E: Would you discuss a common question I receive about fat, please? Does fat stay in one place as many believe or continually circulate throughout our system?

D: Generally speaking, people carry weight differently and often times in concentrated locations. Women tend to carry it in the thighs and rear. Guys tend to carry it in their lower bellies. Genetics also plays a role where it is carried too.

E: Hot spicy foods are thermodynamic and burn calories in a small way and water-based foods are very beneficial. Any hope of losing through specific food choices?

D: Certainly. As long as those specific choices are not part of a fad restrictive diet that is limiting or not sustainable. I guide folks to a clean nutrition plan filled with lean meats/alternative proteins, legumes, grains, superfoods, fruits, veggies and a focus on real food.healthy food

E: Your personal weight loss transformation was incredible! Tell us a little about that please.

D: I used to count calories, but do not anymore. Now, I count ingredients and purely focus and simple, natural, and local (if possible) ingredients prepared with simple cooking techniques such as grilling and roasting. Eliminating or greatly reducing processed, refined, fried, high sodium, sugary drinks and fast food are very important. I also seek out foods that have anti-inflammatory qualities. My meals contain a balance of macronutrients (carbs, proteins, fats) with typically a lean protein/legume, grain, 2 veggies, and fresh cut fruit.

E:  I totally agree that’s a sensible approach.  I’m sure you stress water as essential as well?

D: Water is so important and we tend to neglect it. Switching to drinking water only is an easy way to reduce bloat and melt away a couple of pounds very quickly. Plus it gets one away from drinking that dreaded sugar filled soda pop.

E: Absolutely! People don’t understand how detrimental soda is to weight loss, but that’s an entire blog on its own! Tomorrow we’ll conclude our interview and David will tell us how he overcame a health challenge with the help of his family. Always remember; God gave us life, we should live it gratefully and abundantly!

“Rather train yourself for godliness; for while bodily training is of some value, godliness is of value in every way, as it holds promise for the present life and also for the life to come.” (1Timothy 4:7b-8)


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