The best tricks for eating healthy without dieting

Hi everyone, I found these suggestions so good, I couldn’t have said it better myself – so I didn’t. Nicely condensed and easy to follow, Voxxi presents these practical dietary tips through a very logical and thought-out presentation . Go visit her blog and enjoy!


3 thoughts on “The best tricks for eating healthy without dieting

  1. Great post,thanks for sharing.Cut down the sugar is very important in the diet.This is number one when we should start to transform a body.


    • Absolutely, there is hidden sugar everywhere, especially in processed foods. Sugar changes our chemistry.

      Now my mantra is “Eat for Nutrients” Although our system needs very little white sugar, it is important to understand that our brain feeds primarily on glucose, a carbohydrate, so it is not smart to give it up – pun intended. But that doesn’t give us license to consume donuts daily and remain healthy. Thanks so much for commenting, appreciate it, blessings,


      • It’s completely true,instead of consuming donuts or sweet unhealthy food,we can replace with fresh fruits where the fructose is able to satisfied our brain functions.
        Have a wonderful day,Krystyna


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