Embrace Life!  Be Adventurous.


7 thoughts on “Things!

  1. Glad to get a confirmation that being adventurous and experimenting is a good thing to do! Thanks for making me laugh! So it was the pan that was too small… I’m still smiling! 🙂 I have to say that some dishes, I make them exactly the way I learned from my grandma..and how.. she was never talking.. I was just looking. And some of them I teached my son so hopefully there’s nothing similar in there like in your story otherwise later on… 😉 Thanks a lot for sharing and have a wonderful and blessed week Ellie!


  2. That was such a cute story! What areas are you trying to whittle down? Eating the right foods and nutrients are intrinsic to getting the results that you’re looking for through exercise!


    • Thank you for your kindness Laurel, I always appreciate you. I had requested a blogger friend who is a fitness trainer for some specific exercises to assist with that horrible muffin top we women seem to acquire. I need a link to that particular blog she referred me to, because I sure can’t find it and since she hasn’t answered me since Friday, I am not sure she got my message.


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