Honor the Lord



17 thoughts on “Honor the Lord

  1. I also fall prey to those internet lists lol.
    I never liked the taste of black tea for some reason, but after reading this I think I’ll give black tea another try 🙂
    Thanks for posting such informative facts.


  2. Ellie, I was so happy to read your post! 🙂 Even Though I love cooking, grew up in the Caribbean cuisine and always use as much fresh vegetables as possible, I’m still learning everyday more and more about good and healthy food. Especially now that I’m on a protein diet (for the first time) I’m learning a lot and I discovered a few new things in your post so I’m very happy with the info. Thank you very much and have a wonderful and blessed weekend!


    • Hi Nadyess! (I was just responding to Deb and caught your comment) Thanks so much and I love that wonderful Caribbean food – are you lucky or what . . . when’s dinner???? Why in the world are you on a protein diet? Please be careful and read my post on protein diets (search engine) and the need for balance. If you need me, just write. Blessings my friend,


      • I haven’t read that one yet. I’ll read in the morning ’cause it’s very late now and in case your post is very interesting I’ll keep reading instead of going to bed.;) The protein diet is to help me lose a little bit of fat around my tummy. I’ve been exercising a lot but I don’t see progress so I got that advice..but I know you’re a certified counselor I’m sure you might have better tips.For now let me wish you a nice evening. I’ll you know after I read the post o.k.? And.. you are welcome for dinner. Just let me know when. 😉


  3. Hi Ellie, I really appreciate your very informative posts about excellent foods that help us in our everyday life and for long term as well. I copy down the names of the foods that are missing in my daily diet and always buy them. I prefer black tea with a touch of honey and lime and it tastes very good. I am pleased that most of the foods that you have mentioned I already have in my daily diet. I think I started to use them as I read your posts and made notes on them. I owe you a million thanks for this my friend. Take care and God bless.


    • I am not surprised that you already eat all of these foods, sami. Your posts are always smartly worded and motivating. Isn’t it great however when we actually know why all these foods are important to us and how they work in our system? When I know why I am supposed to do something, I find it’s easier to create habits to improve. I so appreciate you, blessings,


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