8 thoughts on “Personalities

  1. This is a wonderful post ! I can take a lot from it. I’ve always heard that you are what you eat. I hate to say it but people at the grocery store often look like what’s in their buggy (aka shopping card). I did not know I should be taking Vitamin C and E together! I am going to make a mental note of this. I have noticed that my skin is clearer than other girls my age. I feel that eating healthy really helped my skin to clear up. Thanks again for the post and for stopping by my page recently!!! It’s wonderful to know another fellow Christian on here ❤


  2. Great post! I’m at the age where I’m thinking about getting older and noticing changes in my body. Unfortunately, I have a sweet tooth and love high-sugar foods. I’ve dramatically reduced my consumption of sugar in the past two years, but I’m still working on letting go of the hold it has on me. I know that sugar contributes to a host of problems, including wrinkles, so I’m motivated to make it an indulgence of the past! Celeste 🙂


  3. Thanks Celeste! Always enjoy your comments. Recent studies have shown a possible connection of too much sugar to Alzheimer’s disease and dementia if one overindulges. A little sugar is fine – it’s only when we crave it that we make it an idol. I eat real sugar but use less of it which is better than using chemically damaging Splenda any day! Blessings friend,


  4. great post I have clear skin and am wrinkle free and I believe its because of my diet lots of fresh fruit and vegetables, avoidance of sugar and junk food. I too believe you are what you eat.


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