A Summary for Simplified, Healthy Living


While on Earth, Jesus didn’t insist on complex, laborious, ritualistic do’s and do not’s on how to live a pious life. Rather than repressing his disciples with a lengthy, involved list of rules and regulations, Jesus encouraged Believers to live by God’s Ten Commandments which are clear-cut and simplistic. These principles projected explicit guidelines on leading a Holy life and honoring God as well as the personal temple of the Holy Spirit within us.

Jesus and PhariseesIn  Matthew 22:34-39, the Pharisees and Sadducees approached Jesus with a question to test him.  Those leaders still believed  in following complicated religious ceremonial regulations and practices. But Christ had come to fulfill those requirements. Over 450 Old Testament Scriptures prophesied of the coming Messiah.

So when those Jewish leaders tried to trap him, Jesus silenced them by declaring that they failed to know the Scriptures and that’s why they couldn’t  understand!  The truth is that one will never be misled by false beliefs if he comprehends and memorizes God’s Word!

Even today, many false preachers are trying to ensnare unbelievers into following ritualistic practices. Some declare that Christ’s sacrifice with its simplistic act of Salvation through Faith alone is too effortless as well. There must be some additional rules that we must follow, they declare, which the Lord inadvertently forgot to tell us about . . . or added afterwards.

Not so. It is through the uncomplicated belief that Eternal Salvation is through Faith alone that we are saved. There is nothing else we need to do to receive Salvation except ask forgiveness for our sins and accept Christ’s gift. 

During my nutritional practice, some believe that the uncomplicated, healthy formula of consuming whole grains, fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds, as God advised since the world began, is too simplistic as well!

There are some false diet guru’s today leading many astray through false, ritualistic eating plans. I’m currently researching Dr. Perlmutter’s  new book, Grain Brain which claims consuming whole grains are now unhealthy. I hope to have a post about that assertion soon but I bet you have an inkling on where my faith lies on that.  (Gee, did Jesus make a mistake when he declared that He was the Bread of Life?)  I mean,  Seriously???

And many Christians fall for it! Many are trusting in these complicated, formulaic diet programs which were never God’s plan from the beginning.

God’s guidelines for sound eating were given to Adam  in the Garden of Eden and are still true today. God NEVER changes, nor does He make mistakes.

Malachi 3:6 “For I am the Lord, I do not change.”

In Hebrews 13:8 we also read, “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever.”  What a comforting thought to anchor our beliefs upon. I don’t believe in evolution, do you? Nor do I believe in a God who created Earth and then had no interest in how we lived afterwards.

Since God is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow, what would make us question whether His physiological rules and commands would change through the ages? 

Take care that you won’t be misled by false teaching or mistaken dietary claims.  We should live by sensible culinary guidelines because we strive to be holy and God-honoring, not made fearful through professing man-made false claims.


7 thoughts on “A Summary for Simplified, Healthy Living

  1. Great post. So many false teachings out there that ppl can easily be misled. I saw Grain Brain at the bookstore the other day..would love to hear your thoughts. I will say I have noticed I feel yucky anytime I eat gluten. I’m trying a complete elimination of it to see how that fairs. Hope you have a fabulous week Ellie! Always love reading your words do wisdom 🙂


    • You’re always so good for my ego, 🙂 Thanks Samantha. I appreciate you!

      Regarding the book, Grain Brain, I wouldn’t recommend spending your money on it right now from the research I’ve completed so far. If you feel better on gluten free than go for it. It has made many feel better. With the lack of good nutrients in today’s food, I suspect many have less enzymes to digest their food and that’s part of it. You are an intelligent nutritionist. I always respect your opinion and realize you think things through and like me and as you know I look at health through a Biblical perspective.

      Nearly 2 million Americans are actually gluten intolerant which is a lot, but compare that number to our 317 million population that’s not actually unless you are one who suffers from that debilitating disease.. Personally I believe gluten free could turn out to be another fad which dies out after a few years and I do hope those who try it get their fiber from other fruits and vegetables. (I hope to have that blog posted soon)


      • Yes I agree. I could def see it being a fad. There is def truth in eating what God has provided for us. I feel the best when eating a wide array or fruits and vegetables which is proof in itself!


  2. Great post, Ellie! So full of truth and wisdom!! Could you tell me some examples of what you eat? I know you said nuts and fruits, but can you be a little more specific about your way of eating? Sorry, I am such a detail person…drives me and everyone around me nuts!! 🙂


    • Hi Juliana, Thank you for your generous comment. I’m so happy to answer that question. In fact I believe I once wrote a blog on “Then how should we eat?” or something – maybe I’ll re-post it.

      The short answer is, I actually eat like a regular person and never stress about food. If I overeat something (which never happens except on a cruise ship) I exercise more to balance it out. I also exercise every day! Life is to be lived with vibrancy and joy! Although once chunky, I’ve maintained my size 2-4 figure for 30 years because God has added life to my years! Stress adds weight and who needs that?

      Being a former farm girl I love veggies – you can’t go wrong with any vegetable, eat what you enjoy. In my fridge right now, I have luscious blackberries which I place on 4 oz. of low fat Mt. High yogurt, a few walnuts and milled flaxseed. Fruit? Usually there’s bananas on the shelf and apples in the fridge. I eat Raisin bran, Kashi, Grape nuts or other higher fiber cereal with 1% milk. Lunch is sometimes “planned overs” from the night before or leftover soup or a turkey/cheese/veggie sandwich on whole grain bread and mustard. Smaller portions of course but plenty to satisfy.

      Dinner is lean protein like 3-4 oz. chicken, pork loin, or sirloin with LOTS of herbs, spices, garlic, wine. A small baked potato or sweet potato. I enjoy creating my own pasta creations with shrimp or chicken. Always a salad of dark leafy spring greens or Romaine lettuce with lots of veggies. Occasionally I’ll even consume home fries and a grilled sirloin sandwich with mushrooms, peppers, onions and Swiss cheese. (ooo, I’m getting hungry) Dessert? Sometimes . . . but not every night. I baked an apple pie last week and sometimes I’ll indulge in a Klondike bar.

      Life is to be lived – there’s no magic formula except smaller plates and portion sizes, chew while slowing down and consume a variety of nutrients. Exercise because muscle burns fat.

      One more thing: I always seem to buy what’s on sale or use coupons to extend our budget. My mind-set is “I can have anything I want and THIS is what I want.” because it’s on sale.

      Hope this helps a bit, blessings my friend and enjoy life.


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