When No One Notices Anymore




6 thoughts on “When No One Notices Anymore

  1. As a guy currently in the midst of a “diet” – I can totally relate to everything you’ve said here! And couldn’t possibly agree more with your advice – especially the making it a competition with yourself, getting the kids involved and joining healthy social groups. It’s all about motivating yourself and creating positive change in your whole life – not just “dieting”.


    • Wow, thank you Mike! I appreciate your encouragement. I’m concerned about today’s generation who move from sitting in a classroom to sitting in front of their tv, cell phone or computer at home playing video games. I don’t see many with a desire to be healthy anymore ( at least through any personal motivation) – today’s generation, I fear, will expect quick fixes and pop more pills than ever to achieve results. It’s more important than ever to exercise with our children: walking, hiking, biking or even junior golf. So glad you do!

      Oh yes, one more thing – I’m sure you use the word “diet” because “personal nutritional recovery strategy” is a little long to say each time too, right? 🙂


      • Ha-ha! But yes – absolutely – “diet” is a dirty word because it implies short term thinking, short term solution – indeed was just using it as short-form for getting with the proper program for life 🙂


  2. Awesome advice Ellie! All I can say is ouch! This is the word of God and we can’t pick and choose which words to adhere to and avoid the others. Thanks,I will be looking back at this post often.


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