Dancing with NED

Dear Readers: Connie is my hero with her positive attitude in the face of this challenge! Her words are so important here. I wanted to help her by spreading the word to others who might be questioning whether they might have the disease. God bless!


Ovarian cancer is a silent killer.  It creeps into lives undetected and makes a home.  Most women aren’t diagnosed until it is Stage 3 or 4, and it is simply too late.  I was fortunate because my cancer was Stage I and the chemo drugs have knocked it out for now.

Doctors almost never use the word cure.  They say there is “No Evidence of Disease”.  And so, I’m in remission and dancing with NED.  I could be left stranded on the dance floor at any moment because NED is a fickle partner.  Who knows when the ugly beast could tap NED on the shoulder, and he would be out of here.  Gone.

I could spend my time worrying about this, but instead I choose to live my life fully and face the future with a smile. I don’t know when my situation will change, but I know God is…

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