Why People Quit Diet Plans

discouraged dieter (2)Has anyone ever woken up and exclaimed, “Man I’m so happy I’m unhealthy today!  Thank you Lord!”  Of course not! Then why does someone, after deciding they want to get healthier, give up?

For a number of reasons:

1.  Diet plans are too complicated.  Some require a precise formula of carbohydrates, protein or fat grams and then breaking those down into caloric intakes.  Very few people can calculate in their head to figure out fat and sugar gram  percentages.  And every food breaks down into a combination of carbohydrate, protein or fat – so how can one even determine that realistically?

2.  Some require weighing and measuring.  Who wants to weigh and measure every single item they place in their mouth forever? However, I do recommend this for a short period of time to educate ourselves on how large something is.

3.  Some expect the same results as the celebrity spokesmodel.  Those celebrities have had an entourage of help. They live in large homes with the latest exercise equipment and have access to personal chefs and a masseuse. They are offered professional counselors to whom they are accountable. And don’t forget the loss of big bucks if they don’t produce results!  That’s an incentive!

4. A plan doesn’t fit into every day life.  Does your profession require a lot of travel?  If so, it’s unrealistic to consider being on boxed meal plans. How would the meals survive a flight?  And if you drove, it would require a cooler with dry ice and a hotel room with a kitchen. And think of all those wonderfully tempting local restaurants on your drive through town? The first time you ate at a restaurant, it would off-set any weight loss progress, you’d probably get discouraged and give up. Does your job require that you meet with clients, have unscheduled business meetings, or have an unstructured work environment? Once again this type of plan wouldn’t easily work for you.

5.  Some find the plan too restrictive.  (Thou shalt NOT have chocolate!)  Do you want to give up chocolate forever?  I don’t.  Nor do I want to give up a sirloin steak or BBQ ribs occasionally. A good day-to-day diet is a well-rounded one that includes balanced meals of all three nutrients: carbohydrates, protein and fats.

6.  If it’s unbalanced nutritionally you’ll always fight cravings but think it’s simply a lack of willpower. Your brain’s hypothalamus controls your appetite and it’s like a miniature mother telling you that you’re low on a specific nutrient. It’ll nag you until you give in and restore balanced body chemistry.

7.  Sometimes life gets in the way and a diet plan doesn’t take into consideration real life routines.  What about a party?  A Wedding? A Class Reunion? A neighbor’s last-minute BBQ? A church potluck? Find a dietitian or nutritional counselor who will incorporate common-sense lifestyle practices into your daily routine.

Conclusion: Dieters get into trouble when they are swayed by unrealistic or false promises, just as Adam and Eve did at the beginning of time.

  1. A ‘diet’ is simply what one eats on a daily basis.
  2. Striving to place only nutrient-dense,wholesome foods into our bodies and building muscle which burns fat, is the key! 
  3. Health requires education, dedication, accountability and self-discipline.
  4. Understand as much as you can regarding  physiology and psychology – recognizing that God created a complicated machine.
  5. Strive for mental, physical, spiritual health, not simply weight loss, and include God as your Balance!

“Thank you for making me so wonderfully complex! Your workmanship is marvelous–how well I know it.‘’  Psalm 139:14


8 thoughts on “Why People Quit Diet Plans

  1. This is great Ellie.People have no idea that it takes work, and for a lifetime, to stay fit and healthy and you have to conscously adjust for changes in how your body reacts to foods and exercise along the way. I have had friends thing I’m weird, because I do think about this stuff–the social pressures are endless! thanks for your post!


    • Thank you so much Robin for your comment. Yes, there are so many aspects to getting healthy. God created each one of us individually with different chemistry, personalities and mind-sets.Not making an idol of food and loving how God created us are some of the first steps. Getting to the heart of why we act as we do and creating individual changes is why I love being a nutritional counselor. I appreciate you, blessings,


  2. This is fabulous Ellie! It really is about committing to a lifestyle change! I use to be one of those fad dieters and nothing ever worked until I became educated on nutrition and stopped buying into advertising’s idea of “healthy”. I love all of your tips, we can use them each and every day! Lovely post as always!


  3. I have struggled lately with sticking with it. I am tired of the same things, tired of not “enjoying” what I eat, not knowing WHAT to eat…I’m afraid I will gain all the weight I have lost and it was such hard work!


    • The secret to life is enjoying the one God gave us.God gave us a variety of wonderful things to eat. Would an earthly father withhold any good thing from us if it was for our good? Neither will our Heavenly Father as He states in Psalm 84:11. If you must struggle with your daily eating plan then I bet something isn’t nutritionally balanced. If you struggle with control then something isn’t balanced in your life. If you need a cheerleader to help you through it all, I’m always here for you my dear friend! Blessings,


  4. Point number 5 is the key: Strive for mental, physical, spiritual health, not simply weight loss, and include God as your Balance! Things would just fall into place for most people if they understood this concept. Thanks for sharing!!


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