Rev Up a Sluggish Metabolism

hot and spicy foodIt’s summer here in Arizona.  Unless we walk our dogs at 5:30 am or exercise in air conditioning, exercise isn’t going to happen outside. No sensible person even lays by the pool in 115 degree heat, (although I’ve golfed in 107).  The wrinkles wouldn’t compliment tanned skin. So what to do? Increase metabolism naturally!

We burn calories even while sitting and watching sports on TV, but of course not nearly as much as doing it. So work out with stretch bands or hand weights, especially during commercials.  Get out and walk, dance, run, play golf and tennis, get moving!



5 thoughts on “Rev Up a Sluggish Metabolism

    • Hey Joe, been to Buffalo in the winter . . . I sympathize. Went there for a golf trade show from Myrtle Beach and the first thing I did was purchase a heavier coat, 🙂 When living up north I truly believe you need a ‘winter weight and a summer weight’ to survive!!! Thanks for the comment . . . or you bundle up and come to Arizona in August, ha! Blessings my friend,


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