Stay Hydrated This Summer!

Have you ever worked in an office when someone was on vacation and you had to take over their job? What happened then to your desk?  Your paperwork began to pile up, resulting in not being able to accomplish your responsibilities, right?

imagesCA67U0GQWell there’s a similar relationship between kidneys and liver metabolism.  When you don’t drink enough water, the kidneys are basically “on vacation” and the liver has to take over.  One of the liver’s major jobs is to metabolize fat, which it can’t do because it’s working for the kidneys right now. Therefore you get fatter and the body can’t function as it’s meant to.  Drinking water will allow you to reach and maintain a healthy weight naturally and painlessly.

And you thought drinking water was simply to make you full! Yes, water (especially with lemon) does suppress the appetite, but that’s not the main reason you should hydrate. It’s physiology. God created our bodies as this incredible machine. Women consist approximately of 50-60% water and men, 60-70%! (The more muscular you are, the more water you contain.)

Consider also these important incentives for drinking water:

  • Water assists in muscle tone and allows muscles to contract which prevents dehydration making your muscles cramp up.
  • You’ll feel more naturally energetic when you hydrate because your body isn’t fighting the toxins that tire you out.
  • Drinking more water is the best treatment for edema and other fluid retention problems. (Example; during a women’s cycle) Taking diuretics is only a temporary solution because it forces water out of your system and your body instantly knows that’s not natural. It will eventually rebel. It’s best to get rid of edema naturally by drinking water and ingesting water based foods; fruits, vegetables.
  • We’ll be happier campers because water flushes away toxins, making us less cranky!
  • Water moisturizes the skin, making us look younger than we are!  That alone is a great incentive.
  • The more we eat, the more water we need to dilute our food. Eight glasses daily is a great start, the heavier a person is, increase the intake.  If you can’t stand plain water, add an orange or lemon slice for a start. Try pure seltzer water and add orange, cranberry or pomegranate juice for a soda.
  • When your body is thirsty, your brain sends out hunger signals because all food contains water. Drink a glass of water and after ten minutes, see if the hunger pains depart. (If you’re still hungry, eat something small such as an apple, orange or raisins.)
  • Water gets rid of toxins, relieves constipation, ridding the intestines of waste, thereby allowing it to absorb more nutrients.
  • We think more clearly and helps eliminate headaches.

What type of water is best? There’s no need to go out and buy expensive bottled water, you might not get what you think!

  1. Spring water depends on the spring it comes from.
  2. Drinking water bottles sometimes are plain tap water.
  3. Before we installed a purifying system,  I purchased distilled water in the gallon bottles. “But Ellie,” you protest, “that’s what I put in my iron!Distilled water is steamed and drips down in a purified state. It’s pure water and anytime we add an element to water it takes longer for the body to break it down.

Through all this, remember Jesus has given us the Living Water that refreshes and gives eternal life to the soul, our bodies are only temporary beings.  

John 7:38 states, “He believeth on me, as the scripture hath said, out of his belly shall flow rivers of living water.”


5 thoughts on “Stay Hydrated This Summer!

    • mmm, how to remedy that challenge??? How about marking off a pitcher of cold water in the fridge showing how much you should drink, or every time you pass the sink, drink a glass? Getting your children involved in creating fruit-infused water will remind you when they nag you that they want to taste it . . . 🙂 I always have a glass by the sink and drink when I pass by the kitchen.

      Thanks for your comment storyad, blessings to you all and I pray all is going well with your entire family, my friend.


  1. We could talk all day! You’re among the very few I’ve met to understand the connection between all the different elements of our makeup (spirit, body, heart) in regard to food. Wonderful post. My post on natural first aid solutions out of my apothecary also talks about dehydration and how the right salt work with the water to rehydrate. Blessings!!! Xxxx Diana


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