Are You Rusting From the Inside Out?

The Queen Mary, when it was launched in 1936, was  one of the largest and most beautiful sailing vessels ever created. After it was retired in 1967, it was decided that this magnificent cruise ship would become a tourist attraction in the Long Beach, California area.  But to restore this ship back to its original grandeur would require a great deal of renovation!  So the intricate process of  restoration began. For starters, the boiler rooms, engine room, turbo generator rooms, ship stabilizers and the water softening plant were removed. The ship’s empty fuel tanks were filled with mud to keep the ship’s center of gravity stable.

There were three massive smokestacks on the ship, which the developers also had every intention of scraping down and repainting.  However, as they were in the process of doing just that, the smokestacks suddenly crumbled onto the dock. You see they discovered the smokestacks had rusted from the inside. Nothing but about 30 coats of paint had been holding them up!  The smokestacks had become worthless and needed to be rebuilt.

Matthew 23:28 “In the same way, on the outside you appear to people as righteous but on the inside you are full of hypocrisy and wickedness.”

As I listened to this story, I thought how similar it is to those dieters who try every quick fix, pill or new fad diet  to look good on the outside. They’ve only put on another ‘coat of paint’. They  fail to become healthy from the inside out!  Yes, they might look good for a few years, but time eventually catches up to them. Their body rusts because it fails to receive the necessary vital nutrients and upkeep to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

There are no quick fixes to lose weight or become healthy. It is always necessary to eat a well-rounded diet plan of whole grains, fruits and vegetables and exercise in order to maintain your health.  Do you know that even if you eat only fruit and nothing else each day, it will deprive the body of over 50 necessary nutrients? And we know fruits are so good for you!  But consuming only fruit isn’t balance!  Attempting a fad diet is never the answer. The weight returns because one hasn’t learned the process of eating correctly in the first place. Remember the process is more important than any progress one makes.

This a picture of some spiritual lives as well – no substance – only a pious, exterior appearance.  Some Christians pile on the makeup, spend a small fortune on their hair and the most stylish clothes so they look good at church. But then they don’t maintain a close relationship with our Lord during the week.  Keep your Christian life vibrant by feasting on the Word of God, keeping your inner Holy Spirit healthy!  God doesn’t care about the outside appearance, He looks inside – at the heart!

1 Samuel 16:7   “For the LORD sees not as man sees: man looks on the outward appearance, but the LORD looks on the heart.”


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