Interview, Part Three: “A Purpose Worth Fighting For”

564[1]Here’s the completion of my revealing interview with Connie, my new friend and fellow blogger at  Previously we’ve discussed her strong faith and changing lifestyle. Today we discuss how she views her future.

 Philippians 4:7 “And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.”

How did this experience change you vision of food?  Have you changed your diet?

I have always been a “health nut”.  Exercise and good food were always a part of my life.  Too much sugar at times?  You bet, but I have tried to curb that.  I focus on whole foods:  fresh fruits and veggies (locally grown if possible), whole grains, nuts, green tea, lots of water, and last, but not least, dark chocolate. I make meals from scratch and we don’t eat out very often.  I simply feel better when I eat good food.  My body throws a tantrum when I try to “indulge”.

So after that statement, someone out there must be asking, “Wow! If she ate so right, how in the world did cancer happen to grab her?”

To say a cancer diagnosis came as a shock is an understatement.  Cancer didn’t run in my family, although sadly, two first cousins had cancer.  Therein lies the rub.  One cousin died of OVARIAN CANCER when she was 25 after the birth of her second child.  Her sister died of BREAST CANCER when she was 59.  I couldn’t get the thought out of my head that there was a link.  After I completed chemo, I was tested for BRCA 1 and BRCA 2.  Both came back negative:  no mutation detected.  Since I have a daughter and four granddaughters, that was extremely good news.Connie's support system

Did your doctor give you as any reason?

My oncologist called my cancer “sporadic” and said it was much like being struck by lightning.  It just happened.

How did your faith get tested by this?

Because of my faith, I don’t believe in random events.  I feel God has a plan for my life, and He allowed cancer to be a part of the plan.  Would I do as I had when my father died and doubt God?  Would I walk away again?  Or would I finally TOTALLY surrender to God’s will for my life?  I chose the latter, and I have never been sorry.  I have the peace that passes understanding.  I have a joy that is not dependent on events in my life.  God simply wanted all of me.

Cancer knocked me flat but God was waiting with open arms to pick me up.  He has made me a new creature in Him, and I wouldn’t go back for anything.  Do I want a recurrence?  No.  Will I fall apart if the cancer returns?  Maybe for a little while, but I will remember Who has a plan, Who loves me and Who saw me through the first time.

. . . and now?  How do you face obstacles?

I will continue to eat well and exercise.  I won’t obsess about an occasional fall off the wagon, but I will eat right most days.  Should everyone be concerned that they will get cancer, even if they do all the right things? No.  Absolutely not!  If you live your life in fear, cancer wins!  Never let something as terrible as cancer take control of your life!  Live!  Laugh!  Smile!  Cherish every healthy, happy minute.  Leave the rest to God.

As you can see, Connie is indeed a remarkable survivor and inspiration to all who are facing any battle in life!  One of the secrets to overcoming adversity is to never give the devil a foothold to despair!  I praise God for Connie’s candor and am so blessed to call her a friend! I pray her heartfelt words will touch those who need encouragement today.


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