Thanks for the “Wonderful Team Member” Award!

Well, what a wonderful surprise!  As I logged on to my blog this morning, I discovered that my dear friend Liam, had nominated me for another award!  He’s been a wonderful, loyal friend for nearly eight months now, so please check out his blog,  Liam’s a very talented writer, musician and interviewer.

I’m extremely grateful that this is such an easy one to win.  No revealing, personal attributes necessary.  Whew, dodged a bullet there, didn’t we?  The icon below is now sitting on my mantel with all the other awards I gratefully accepted but am not sure I deserved.  Nevertheless, it’s not going to be given back!

Wonderful team member award

The Rules:
1. Nominate 14 people for the award in a post over 7 days!

Wow!  Pretty simple rules as far as receiving an award goes. You can easily nominate over 7 days or all at once.  All of  my followers have supported and encouraged me, so of course it’s tough to choose just 14, but here are those which I nominated for this award:    Note:   It’s not necessary to editorialize but I like to let you know a little about their posts.

  1. (talk about a non-selfish team spirit! Really inspires and motivates)
  2. (sweet, practical and a real team spirit to assist others)
  3.  (whimsical, yet practical posts)
  4. (she finds interesting ways to inspire others through written and audio posts)
  5. ( contains so many unique ideas to follow in any daily routine!)
  6.  (so cute, funny and simply loves animals!)
  7. (diverse, interesting, entertaining)
  8. (inspiring posts about conquering ‘self’ for greater reward)
  9. (examples of a well-disciplined life)
  10. (practical, inspirational posts!)
  11. (what an excellent bunch of ideas for healthy living)
  12.  (professes thru her writings what we might feel in our own lives)
  13.  (through her own reality check, she inspires us toward a true Christian lifestyle)
  14. (fantastic, simple, nutritious recipes for anyone on your ‘team’)

So that’s all there is to it.  I hope you’ll discover not only ideas for a healthy lifestyle but also find websites that will encourage you mentally and spiritually as well!

Philippians 1:3 “I thank my God every time I remember you.”


11 thoughts on “Thanks for the “Wonderful Team Member” Award!

  1. Thanks Ellie 😀 You have have wonderful site. I just love how you spread your messages. You definitely deserve to this addition to your mantle!


  2. thank you for the nomination – really lovely of you! so glad you were nominated because you fully deserve it and I really appreciate having biblical grounding to your posts! 🙂


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