The Correlation Between NASCAR & Health

2 Timothy 2:5, “An athlete is not crowned unless he competes according to the rules.”

Ever watched a NASCAR race?  When the race car pulls into its pit, the crew springs into action.  They’re aware of the strict rules they must follow in order for nASCAR SUPPORT CREWtheir driver not to be injured or disqualified.  Each crew member works as part of that team to ensure maximum efficiency.

There’s a definite correlation between NASCAR and health.  Your brain, heart, liver, lungs, thyroid . . .  every body part, functions as a team to run as one!

For example: one decision which must be made as the driver speeds around the track, is how much fuel to place in the tank. The object is to get just enough fuel to make it over the finish line but not too much to reduce speed with unnecessary weight. Not enough fuel or a few extra lbs could mean the end of viable competition.

When we allow our automobile engine to get down to the bottom of  the tank, it’ll begin to collect dust and debris from the bottom, which can clog your fuel injector and slows down fuel efficiency. It even restricts your fuel filter which has to work harder.  Same with your own body’s fuel intake, it takes energy to make energy. Don’t drag yourself around until you run out of steam!

Getting valuable caloric intake throughout our daily ‘rat race’ is something we should aim for.  Too much and we gain weight – not enough and we lose muscle and brain cells. It’s a matter of  balance.

  • Too many calories and our bodies become sluggish. Our flow of blood circulation is diverted to the stomach and therefore less blood flow is available for the brain and extremities.  (Think Thanksgiving dinner.)
  • At the opposite side of the spectrum, if one doesn’t consume enough food, then the brain becomes light-headed and  ‘spacey’. The body will start cannibalizing its muscles to refuel. (Think starvation diets.)

The proper bodily fuel produces proper running speed and brain power, allowing it to power up when necessary. We need good fats, wholesome carbohydrates and lean protein to run efficiently.  We wouldn’t put junk in our gas tank so why put it into our bodily machine?

When we’re hungry, what do we instinctively grab for quick energy? Sugar, right? It’s our body’s fastest fuel source so that’s what our brain tells us we need. It’ll nag us until we give in to that quick acting, sugary candy if we aren’t supplied with enough good energy. We absolutely need nutrient-dense, quality fuel! Place only productive whole grains, fruits, vegetables and lean protein into our fuel tank for maximum efficiency.

The NASCAR driver knows exactly what he needs because he’s attuned to his car. He knows how it  reacts when running properly and what he must do to win. Therefore he’s focused on success and expects his crew to act accordingly!  The entire crew works together for good! If the tire pressure isn’t properly inflated, a lugnut isn’t tightened, the windshield’s dirty or the spotter takes his eye off the track, something disastrous might occur.

We should stay as focused as that. Following sensible nutritional guidelines keeps us healthy. We need to think of our body parts as separate entities all working for our productive health. It requires discipline to run our best race for the Lord! Expect the best of your team and honor God with your disciplined spirit!

2 Timothy 4:7 “I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith.”


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