“What’s Healthy Anyway???”

2 Corinthians 5:17 “Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation. The old has passed away; behold, the new has come.”

healthy decisions

Have you ever asked yourself why you really want to be ‘skinny’?

  • Is it because you hate your looks and unhealthy lifestyle?  Change is in your control!  (If you’re God’s child, you’re beautiful to him no matter what size you are!)
  • Is it because your husband or family nags you?  (If it’s not for you, it’ll be a struggle)
  • Is it simply because you’re disgusted or embarrassed by the looks people give you behind your back?  (Well, people watch no matter what size you are!)
  • Or is it because you know God expects a health-centered testimony and you’re running from God’s commands? (You can’t  hide – God’s always there!)

Thin isn’t always healthy. Being FIT is healthy! Being able to climb stairs or play with your children without exertion is healthy! Exuding a countenance of  JOY is healthy!

You’re commanded to love others – do you love yourself? When someone you love is on the pathway toward destruction and won’t heed your advice, it hurts to the very core. You’ll do all you can to remove that obstruction and lead them to safety. But what if you don’t care or see the obstacles standing right in front of you and have no desire to change direction? You’re heading 100 miles an hour toward a brick wall and all anyone can do is watch in horror as you self-destruct.

There are many Biblical examples. Look at Abraham as he watched Lot take his family into the toxic environment of Sodom or David as he became addicted to a woman he shouldn’t have.  We all make careless choices and God loves us anyway. He gave us godly instructions on how to live in the Spirit, but many ignore it, choosing rather a pathway to  momentary pleasure . . . until it backfires.

Only God can change lives! Will you allow Him to change yours?  Change must come from an internal desire. Is the self-destructing pull of food addiction, too dear to you?

After embracing the Christian lifestyle and seeing what TRUE joy brings, how many would desire to journey back into the decadent days in which you used to live?  Perhaps that pull will always be there; those same enticement a drug addict, alcoholic or smoker encounters as they struggle each day to remain faithful.  God remains faithful.

Love yourself as God loves you. Realize you have worth simply because you are!

Starting today, determine to turn your life around! It’s not too late. No one has an easy, stress-free road. Everyone wishes they could change their past in some way or another, even Billy Graham. But he embraced challenges, because it made him who he is. Embrace yours!  God doesn’t expect us to be perfect but sometimes we expect perfection from ourselves. When facing tough times, don’t give up and exclaim, “Why bother? It’s not worth it!”   Then upon conquering addictions, (that ‘old man’ way of life) we’ll wonder,  “Why didn’t I overcome this sooner? It feels so victorious!” imagesCAWFMO7P

Remember, we’ll never find an eternally peaceful life in anything this world has to offer.  That’s only found in Christ!

Ephesians 4:24, “Put on your new nature, created to be like God–truly righteous and holy.”


2 thoughts on ““What’s Healthy Anyway???”

    • So true, love that link, thanks!

      Women have to be comfortable in their own skin and their beautiful countenance and confidence will emerge effortlessly, drawing others to them. So who gets to decide who’s beautiful anyway???? God loves us all regardless of how we look and I bet Christ wasn’t as beautiful as the paintings of Him let on either, that’s man’s idea. Jesus was beautiful on the inside! We should strive for that! Thanks so much for commenting!


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