Thank you for another award!


I was very touched to receive another award nomination last week: a humbling Beautiful Mama Blog Award.  I wish to thank one of my wonderful followers for this honor.  I’m quite certain my poor children might have second thoughts on this one, but in my defense, I believe I actually got better with time.  Please check out Flying Saucers blog because I guarantee you’ll enjoy it!

There are some things I’m supposed to do to justify posting this award.  They are: share three things I love about motherhood and then nominate as many other mothers who blog as I want.

As per the rules, I can tell you three things I enjoyed about Motherhood:

  1. It’s satisfying when you drag your children kicking and screaming to an event and afterwards they shuffle the ground with their feet and mumble, “Thanks Mom, that was actually fun.” 
  2. That it’s a “in our humanity” justifying emotion, hearing your daughter gripe about things that her daughter does that we actually endured with her!  This too shall pass . . . my sweet thing . . .
  3. That as a grandmother, I can rectify many wrongs that occurred when as a Mom, I was too young and impatient to endure at the time. Praise God for His redemptive grace and loving children! How grateful I am to God for them!

Now on to the nominations: I have many wonderful followers who are terrific mothers, so I’m missing plenty, but I’d like to nominate the following and hope they’ll accept:

I’d also like to nominate even though I realize she’s extremely busy and might not be able to pass it on. If anyone is actually too busy to accept, it’s no big deal.  I wanted the blogging world to know that you’re all amazing mothers with  terrific sites!  You can nominate one or many others – there’s no pressure with this particular award, it’s just fun.  I do hope it draws others to your page!

(And if  hadn’t already been nominated, I would have, because of her family devotion and steadfast, unwavering spirit to conquer Joshua and Caleb sized mountains in her life! Nothing defeats this woman!)

Philippians 1:3  “Every time I think of you, I give thanks to my God.


11 thoughts on “Thank you for another award!

  1. Thank you for the nomination Ellie. :o) I like Rule #1 as well I must admit though, I’ve turned the tables and made a fuss myself. Each of my children takes notice and falls into step very quickly when they think Mom will kick and scream.


  2. Hi Ellie! I am just now realizing that I responded to your award nomination on my site, but I mistakenly did no reply directly to you so you might not have seen it :(. I wanted to tell you thank you SO much for nominating me for the Beautiful Mama Blog Award!! That really meant a lot to me and it was so gracious of you to do so! I did accept the award and I got a post up about it yesterday. Your kindness really brightened my day :).
    Thanks and Many Blessings!


  3. Thanks again Ellie!! Now here’s the bad thing, since you’ve nominated me 3 times and this is the first I actually have been able to get to I don’t know what to do! LOL! Save the pic, add 3 things I love about being a mother, and then nominate others? Is it that simple or am I losing my mind in all this?? LOL!


  4. Hahaha, and I’d nominate you three more times if I could. Your posts are some of the best on WordPress! Naa, just go for the motherhood one if you want. I always thought fifteen nominations was a bit much and I’m grateful I gathered so many followers over the months so I could add some other great ones. I love all my followers, it’s so hard to choose. (I loved displaying the awards on my site but can’t figure out how to do so on my front page so I simply created another page.)

    Yeah easy, I just copied the photo and wrote (tongue in cheek) what I enjoyed about being a mom and nominated some of the many great moms who follow my post. Even a couple nominations are fine. But one doesn’t even have to nominate followers if you have others you read elsewhere. Just have fun.


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