The Chemistry/Personality Test – Part Two

Your teen hugs you one minute and hates you the next. Your spouse is irritable and moody for days over nothing. Your friend’s going through menopause and is unbearable to be around. The common denominator here is a chemical/hormonal imbalance. 90% of the time, I recommend a diet of 60% fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains, 20% lean protein and 20% good fat, but sometimes stress, illness, hormones and medication disturbs that delicate balance.

Who Shall I Be TodaySince God created no two people alike, it stands to reason that we each have a unique chemical makeup as well. Perhaps as you’ve gotten older, you noticed the transition. There was a time perhaps when you could eat anything, not gaining an ounce, but not now! Just like fingerprints, we each have a unique metabolism. 

Therefore, even though I advocate a balanced diet, different body types occasionally need different plans based on hormonal or biochemistry variations. So let’s discuss the biochemical aspect of personal health. 

In the mid 1950s, George Watson, Ph.D., discovered that if an element could be created to block an essential nutrient from our system, say niacin, the patient eventually would go crazy. Therefore if our body is biochemically unbalanced, it could cause us to become irritable, moody, lethargic, jittery, depressed, even Schizophrenic.  With all the chemical additives, dyes and artificial sweeteners found in food nowadays, how does it all interact with our biochemical physiology?  Rampant ADD/ADHD, mass shootings . . .  is there a connection? Unfortunately, anyone advocating research and a better diet today battle the huge food and chemical industries.  Splenda, anyone?

The biochemical test I provided on Monday is simple to analyse. If you answered yes to the first eight, you are what’s called a slow oxidizer.  If you answered yes to the last eight, you are considered a fast oxidizer.  If you are a combination of the two, you are a balanced mixed oxidizer, congratulations, see diet recommendations above.

So what does all that mean to you in dog years?

For optimum health, the ideal blood chemistry should be slightly alkaline at 7.46.  Water is neutral at 7.0.  Our stomach’s pH, ranges from 1.35-3.5. It must be acidic to aid digestion. (Some foods like lemons which taste acidic, change during metabolic processes so don’t rely on taste alone.) When your biochemistry is too above or below that scale, you’ll experience subliminal brain cravings telling you what nutrient it needs to become balanced. If for example, you’re on a “diet” you might be inadequate in magnesium and therefore crave chocolate or broccoli. (Like who’s going to choose broccoli?)

Fast Oxidizer:

If you are a fast oxidizer, you tend to burn carbohydrates too quickly, acidifying the blood. You’ll likely be shaky from low blood sugar if you don’t eat every few hours.

LISTEN TO YOUR BODY. When you find yourself anxious, irritable or snappish, change your body chemistry! It’s time to consume high quality protein, beef, salmon, tuna, chicken, lamb, pork and shellfish. High fiber vegetables such as broccoli, cauliflower, corn, peas, lentils, mushrooms, beans and garlic. Include whole grains, nuts, peanuts, walnuts, almonds as well as good quality fats. These create an alkaline environment. Stay away from sugary foods which spike blood sugar, creating metabolic chaos!

Slow Oxidizer:

A slow oxidizer burns sugar too slowly, therefore creating an overly alkaline environment. You find yourself sluggish, depressed, brain-fogged. Usually being alkaline is a good thing but if biochemistry tilts one way or the other, it needs balance restored.

Your diet should consist of good quality protein at every meal. Start with a soft or scrambled egg or a European breakfast of lean meat and cheese. Primarily consume chicken breast, fish, lean pork, turkey, eggs.  Protein lasts about 2-4 hours in your system so it’s important to consume mini-meals, increasing protein to 25%  throughout your day. Consume high quality yogurt.  Add slightly cooked, high fiber vegetables, garlic and fats like olive/canola oil. When balance is restored resume more raw vegetables.

What is normal balance? Your body tells you.  When it’s balanced, you’re happier, less irritable, the headaches are gone, you feel vibrant and smile more.  Someday you’ll look at someone and know instinctively that they’re chemically imbalanced due to their disposition alone!  Who wants to be around a grouch?  Tell them, “take two probiotics and call me in the morning.”

Doesn’t it sound reasonable that God, who is a God of order and balance, would create man to be biochemically balanced too?

Isaiah 40: 12 “Who has measured the waters in the hollow of his hand and marked off the heavens with a span, enclosed the dust of the earth in a measure and weighed the mountains in scales and the hills in a balance?”

Questions, anyone?


13 thoughts on “The Chemistry/Personality Test – Part Two

  1. Ok, I am ready to do this part now. I have never ate an advocato and bought one at the store yesterday. How do you recommend I prepare it? Just eat it plain, cook it someway, or mix it with other food?


  2. I absolutely love avocados with over twenty vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients! make sure it’s a little soft and squishy so it’s ripe, before you open it longways. Its great essential fatty acids for wonderful for your skin too. Sprinkle it with a little lemon so the anti-oxidants don’t turn it brown. I usually scoop it out, cut it up and use it in any grilled (chicken/shrimp/beef) or plain salads, sub sandwich, tortilla wrap or create Guacamole. Any southwestern dish is wonderful with avocados too.

    If anyone else has some uses please feel free to add your link. Thanks!


  3. Well I’m glad your experiement with avocados turned into a positive experience, :). Yes, unfortunately the body tends to start winding down a bit after 40, although you can certainly prevent a lot of that from happening by keeping your mind active and by exercising! I’ll have to post a blog on foods that help us concentrate soon.


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