The Chemistry/Personality Test Results – Part One

Drum roll please . . .  I know everyone’s been anxiously waiting to discover how they rate on the chemical/personality scale.  Good news . . .  you’re unique!

Testing(We’ll be discussing personality aspects today and the chemical analysis on Friday, because sorry, this post is the longest I’ve written)

So pull up the questionnaire from Monday and we’ll begin. Please remember, this isn’t all-inclusive, you could be none or all of these!

Psalm 27:11, “Teach me how to live, O LORD. Lead me along the right path, for my enemies are waiting for me.” 

Your enemy is anyone who wants to destroy your godly bodily temple of the Holy Spirit. I urge you not to allow access!

Let’s say you’re #2, 4 and 7. You lead a busy life and you’re very social. You enjoy making your own decisions. You’re occasionally impulsive because emotionally you feel you deserve that cookie and give in. (Not unusual, just own that decision.) You try so hard to be ‘good’ but the weight just keeps creeping up.  Sounds like someone who runs their own business, has a family and social obligations, right? You’re mentally, physically and emotionally exhausted. You know the type; takes the kids to six extracurricular activities, runs the church bake sale, can’t say no to anything but has no time for themselves? Sometimes they even  forget to eat! Stresses deplete nutrients used for positive biochemistry.

This is a perfect candidate for the Jenny Craig, NutriSystem or perhaps Weight Watchers plans. “Just give me the facts. I’ll do it,” personality. In fact, it’d probably be a relief to throw something in the microwave at mealtime so it frees you up to work on the community yard sale. These programs also provide worthwhile tips on maintaining your weight. Caution though, liquid diets don’t keep weight off. Besides, that’s not how you’ll eat and maintain for a lifetime, so don’t waste your money! 

If you’re #1, 3, you’re a curious person who has tried every diet program known to man but haven’t been successful. You’ve watched every TV documentary on health, read every magazine, searched every internet site on diets, so you “know it all” but actually haven’t discerned truth from hype. These dieters are on either side of the spectrum, teachable or stubbornly unteachable. If teachable, you’ll ask a lot of “why” questions till something makes sense.

Education is the key for this personality.  When God’s Word and physiology makes perfect sense, these take steps to overcome physiological and emotional challenges. A doctor, dietician or nutritional counselor can explain how the body works, create various menu plans because eating the same boring foods is unthinkable to this curious type. Eating normal foods, developing strategies to overcome everyday situations, will allow maintenance of a healthy lifestyle, allowing confidence in making  sensible  decisions.

Are you 4, 5, 8, 9:  social, thrifty, never impulsive but prefer structure?  Don’t try NutriSystem or even Jenny Craig because you’re socially restricted. The high cost of the plan will eventually cause skipped meals to lower expenses if you reach a plateau. That doesn’t work. Perhaps you grew up poor and simply can’t justify spending that much money on yourself. Don’t feel guilty, that’s your personality. You enjoy learning, have exhibited willpower and want to get your money’s worth out of a plan. Commendable.

You might try a church-run health program or Overeaters Anonymous, a dietician or nutritional counselor who will educate you on how your body functions and offer low-cost solutions using “normal” recipes with nutrients, herbs and flavor. A support system with accountability is important! Find one and reach goals together.

If you’re #1, 6, 10; feel deprived on diets but have tried at least five searching for the next best quick fix? Now you’re irritable, depressed and still drawn to certain foods, finding yourself unconsciously reaching for chocolate or chips when emotions arise? Food supplies chemicals that make you feel good! Write down what you crave. It’ll reveal what nutrients you’re lacking.

You must discover why food fills an emotional void because rolling the dice on every diet plan doesn’t discern the root cause. It could be a nutrient/chemical or emotional/psychological imbalance needing tweaking. You could be using your counselor as a crutch because you’re fearful of being “on your own.” I’ve never been successful. If I fail again what would that say about me? You get close but never reach your goal.

Have your blood tested for a pH/biochemical imbalances by your physician. A consultation with a pastor, dietician or counselor with psychological training will help you understand what lies behind the emotions. After you discover the “Eureka” moment, you can begin to take steps to recovery.

If  you’re #1, 4, 10, you think about food all day long! At breakfast you’re planning dinner or what restaurant to try this weekend while checking Safeway’s ads for the latest special.  After all the diet plans, you’re so disgusted you’re contemplating stomach surgery, thinking that will control this urge once and for all!

IT WON’T WORK unless you first tackle your emotional attachment to food. You have a ‘love hunger’ no food can fill.  First figure out what voids are in your life that only food fills? I’ve counseled several patients who had stomach surgery. One stands out. What the doctor didn’t tell her was that she’d only be able to eat 2-3 oz. of food at any one time. Whenever she attended a restaurant with friends, she resented the fact that she was restricted, (limiting #4). She began a downward slide of becoming nutrient-deprived, chemically deficient, emotionally angry and bitter because there was no reversal at that time. Let surgery be your last resort. Find a good counselor.

Again, this isn’t all-inclusive and you’re probably a compilation of these. I’m hoping to receive some specific questions which will need further addressing next week. Ask away!

Psalm 86:11, “Teach me your way, O LORD, and I will walk in your truth; give me an undivided heart, that I may fear your name.”


10 thoughts on “The Chemistry/Personality Test Results – Part One

  1. My personality numbers were 3,6 and 8. I am very curious and do a ton of reading and research on topics that would benefit my family. I get really excited over information that will help me save money and I am an emotional eater too!!!


  2. You know what that means don’t you? . . . sigh, hopeless. NO, I”M JUST KIDDING! Actually, that’s an excellent combination. You’re teachable, want to exceed, won’t try foolish low calorie fad diets because your body rebels and you’ll look for thrifty sales at the grocery store instead of spending all that money on riduculous fast food expensive junk! Way to go – I’m so pleased then, that my common sense approach to physiology and health has encouraged you. (Right?) Test everything you read before taking it at face value so you’re not mislead by simply one study. I still research everyday!

    By the way it’s okay to eat emotionally if you’re in control and know it. Sound contradictory? It isn’t. I’ve often in the past said, “I’m emotional, I want this (whatever) and I’ll walk a little extra to make up for it!” Recognizing why and being in charge of your own decisions is liberating! Go for it and keep asking questions, thanks!


  3. I like this! Thanks for dropping by and yes, by all means incorporate that blasted cat that asks awkward questions into one of your own blogs!


  4. Interesting read! I found I’m one of those people who almost matched the number combinations you’ve described, but always missed one. However both 2, 4 and 7 and 1, and 3 are the closest – with 4 being both yes and no; as I wouldn’t call myself a social butterfly, but I can be sociable if I know you well enough; and 1, being a no; as I haven’t been on many diet plans, however I’m currently on weight watchers and following this blog closely. 😉

    Can’t wait for further exploration of this! On to part two I go… 🙂


    • Thanks Rhaps, Isn’t it wonderful how just like fingerprints, no two people are the same? Everyone will overlap in some way, it’s not cut and dry or else there would be ONE plan that worked for all. That only works in Salvation.

      You definitely sound like a Weight Watcher’s candidate which train people well, accomodating for busy schedules and social agendas.

      Since you’re curious and “trainable” once you understand why you are to do something, it’ll make perfect sense and structurally you’ll fit the best food into your busy schedule. When you realize that food isn’t ‘good” or “bad”, it’s simply food, then eating a (whatever) won’t seem “wrong”, you’l just know how to compensate because you’re in control of your destiny. Hope this helps 🙂


      • It sure is, Ellie! Exactly! That pretty much sounds like me, and of course you’re always most helpful. 😀 I’m glad to know I’m on the right track with Weight Watchers. Thank you so much for your help! 🙂


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