The Chemistry/Personality Test for Weight Loss

With the billions of people who have lived on this earth, no one has ever been exactly like YOU.  uniqueness

And yet God knows us intimately.

“You see me when I travel and when I rest at home. You know everything I do.” Psalm 139: 3

With our individualized physiological/chemical structure, it is impossible to lump each of us into one specific weight loss program. In addition, our personality affects how each of us should approach a diet plan. Some people crave structured menus/packaged foods, while others want more independence to make their own choices. Some need education or encouragement daily, while some want to be well trained and left alone.

Since everyone is unique, certain diet plans might work for one but not for another. Some do well on a low-fat, carb enriched, Ornish plan for example, while others on the Atkins, Mediterranean, Zone or South Beach Diet. I’ve known some dieters, so adamant that theirs is the only way, the diet procures a cult status. I repeat: no one plan works for everyone. 

One Truth is known regarding our bodies; that in all we do, should be for the glory of God: 1 Corinthians 10:31. If a diet plan doesn’t detrimentally affect someone’s health, then I look on it similarly to ‘non-essential liberties’ in Christian doctrines.  If it doesn’t affect our Salvation, why argue over something we’ll only discover as Truth in heaven? 

I distinctly remember once discussing different diet plans with my patient, Mattie. When I attempted to discourage her from implementing the Rice Diet because it wasn’t a good fit for either her  personality or physical needs, she blurted out angrily, “Oh NO, Ellie! THAT one worked for me! It worked for me three times!”  She failed to see the irony in that statement. A good diet is one that works forever.  (The only time it wouldn’t is when one’s chemical structure changes due to illness, doctor prescribed medication or stress.)

In any diet plan, consult with your doctor, dietician or nutritionist about your physiology and try sensible solutions based only on a variance of carbohydrates, proteins and fats. NEVER try dangerous diet pills or harmful chemicals which promise a long-term, quick fix it can’t deliver! I hope you’ll agree that each of us is diverse. Even identical twins, have a different personality and chemical makeup.  

This week I want to ask some questions and then we’ll discuss what ‘type’ of dieter you are on Wednesday.  So take the following test and discover something new about yourself.

Personality:  (Answer yes or no)

  1. I’ve already been on at least five diet plans
  2. I lead a very busy life
  3. I’m a curious person
  4. I’m very social
  5. I like making my own decisions
  6. I feel deprived on a diet
  7. I’d prefer structure in my diet plans
  8. I am very thrifty
  9. I’m never impulsive
  10. Food is extremely important in my life

Chemical Makeup:

  1. My hands and feet tend to be cold
  2. My hair/skin is on the dry side
  3. I gain weight usually around my waist
  4. I tend to crave sweet snacks
  5. I prefer chicken over steak
  6. I like onions on my burgers
  7. Raw salad is one of my favorite meals
  8. I like avocados
  9. I tend to sweat a lot
  10. Sometimes my personality tends to be anxious, irritable, jittery.
  11. I gain weight around my thighs/hips
  12. I prefer mayonnaise over mustard
  13. I could enjoy eating potatoes at every meal.
  14. I prefer salty snacks like potato chips, popcorn or pretzels
  15. I get hungry between meals
  16. Sweet foods like candy or cake usually taste too sweet to me

Isn’t it amazing how God knows us completely . . . our individual good and bad points in spite of how many lived on earth? Amazing! Strive to live for excellence!

“The eyes of the LORD are in every place, keeping watch on the evil and the good.” Proverbs 15:3

On Wednesday, I’ll begin discussing what your answers indicate and which diet plans might be better for you so stay tuned!


10 thoughts on “The Chemistry/Personality Test for Weight Loss

  1. Interesting post! And so true, too! I’m always amazed how God knows us so intimately and how so uniquely individual he makes us. I also appreciate how you have warned us of not taking pills or going on other diet “fads” that offer a “quick fix.” Losing weight should never be a quick fix.


    • Good morning Rhaps and thanks for the comments. Of course some questions could be answered “sometimes” but basically I’m asking for a yes or no reply. The results will be in two parts because people don’t want to read a book of over a 1,000 words usually. They’d rather wait for the movie to come out, 🙂 . Also, the results probably won’t be a “one size fits all” post. Some will be a combination so that’s when I’ll request feedback again.


  2. Good morning, Ellie! Or should I say good afternoon now. 😀 Okay, great! Thanks for letting us know. I can’t wait to see your post concerning this; you’ve got me so curious now. 🙂


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