Is There Actually A Water Cure???

My thanks to Victoria from  for bringing this subject to my attention.  She asked my opinion on this controversial water-cure and I promised I’d research it.

As you know, I love physiology, so I found this water-cure possibility intriguing. But I was skeptical initially.  I was slightly more confused after my research. Whether it’s truth, I’m not sure. I only know that God created us as complex and intricate beings.  In the end I decided that it’s like the non-essential doctrines of Christianity.  If a  doctrine doesn’t affect my Salvation, I can tolerate other opinions and leave the Truth to God, which I’ll discover in heaven.

I’ll present the facts on water as best I can and allow you to make up your mind.

Fact:  Except for oxygen, water is our most vital nutrient. Someone can live for 40 days without food but only a few without water.  If the body loses 2.5% of our body weight to dehydration, we die. Thirst is not the first indicator that your body requires water, so you must replenish before we’re actually thirsty.  (As a side note; if someone entered my office, I could detect if they were drinking enough water simply based on their demeanor, eyes, hair and skin appearance.)

Fact: As we dehydrate, we becomes lethargic, our blood thickens and the heart’s circulation system works harder to survive. The brain is primarily water (80-85%) so we’ll feel sluggish, irritable and “spacey.” If we lose 25% of our water volume, we’ll die.

Fact:  Water transports nutrients to all body cells through the blood (90% water) and is also the carrier of oxygen. Water’s essential for our neurotransmitter process, which keeps us humming along. Water’s a solvent and is a transport system for vital nutrients, such as calcium, magnesium, sodium and potassium which balances our metabolism.

Fact:  Water is also an adhesive which binds our body together. Water secretes endorphins which make us feel relaxed and happy. In today’s world of flavored coffees, teas, alcohol and soft drinks, (all diuretics), humans get dehydrated quickly and fail to replenish their need for water.

So that brings me to noted doctor and scientist, Dr. Batmanghelidj, with his proposed water-cure.  He discovered over nearly a three-year span as a prisoner in an Iranian facility, that simply increasing the daily intake of water for 3,000 patients with peptic ulcers, cured them of the disease. Water, he later declared, contained medicinal properties to cure illness; not only of peptic ulcers, but cancer and other diseases through physiological processes.

First, our bodies are complicated machines and like any machine must be taken care of to work properly. How would your car run without water? Water is the best cure for preventive illness because it washes away waste products so toxins don’t fester. It allows our organs and glands to work properly, (remember I spoke of the kidney/liver relationship a while back). It’s used to digest food, lubricate and plump up our skin. Drinking water allows the inside and outside function of our cells to remain balanced and balance is the key to health.

Dehydration changes our immune system, affecting important amino acids and antioxidant function.   Without water we lose our receptor cells. They are shut down because there isn’t enough water to transport nutrients. We need at least three quarts of water daily.  We lose 1+ quarts through simply breathing, 1 to urine and some to perspiration.  We’ll reap about a quart of water through food intake but we need another 2 quarts beyond that.

Now Dr. Batmanghelidj has no stake in any water company, nor does he make a profit from a fad diet program. The only profit he made has been from the sale of his book, “Water Cures, Drugs Kill”.  Most authors don’t live in luxury and he totally believed in his water-cure theory for most illnesses. Could health be that simple? There is probably a lot of truth in what he professed. Pharmaceutical companies on the other hand, have a great deal to lose by not encouraging medication. Sometimes drugs are necessary, but once again, balance is the key. Sadly, Dr. Batmanghelidj died of pneumonia in 2004.

Bottom line:  I trust Jesus when he stated that He offers Living Water: John 4:14 ” but whoever drinks the water I give him will never thirst. Indeed, the water I give him will become in him a spring of water welling up to eternal life.”

Accepting Christ’s living water is becoming a child of God. That means don’t become stagnant and stale, but useful for all parts of the body, including the church.  Nor lukewarm, which isn’t beneficial for anything, either for drinking or cleaning.

*****  Note to my followers: Feel free to leave a link if you created a blog on healthy, infused water. Thanks.


12 thoughts on “Is There Actually A Water Cure???

  1. A great read Ellie! I love how intricately God has woven creation together, his fingerprints evident everywhere. I was thinking today how amazing that in hottest part of the summer where we are right now, watermelons have just come into our local organic store, as though God knew exactly what our bodies need to stay hydrated and healthy. It reminds me of something I read a while back about how many fruits and vegetables resemble the part of the body they help nourish (see here just for one site, but there are many:
    It only makes sense that water is so essential to our physiology, when we read how often it is mentioned in the bible as giving life, as well as Jesus using it to speak of spiritual things. We are to be whole people, tending to every part of our beings, not just our hearts. It’s part of stewarding the gift of life he has given us!

    There is a great short online presentation here ( on heart health (Affairs of the Heart) by the ever-brilliant health researcher Phillip Day who had the opportunity to met with Dr Batmanghelidj.
    The link between heart health and hydration is well-documented. I’ve seen the dehydration scenario in my own family in connection to heart health. And I won’t be making the same mistakes!

    Thanks for encouraging us all to consider these things further.


    • I thank you for bringing such an interesting topic to my attention.It was my pleasure to search this out!

      I tend to believe the Occams Razor theory regarding this idea, “The simplest explanation is probably the right explanation.” There is more truth than not in how water could cure our ills, however I also believe in “non-essential liberty” which means if it’s not God’s Command a reader can choose to believe or not and wait until heaven to find out the answer. As for me and my house, I’ll continue to include a lot of water in my daily diet and even more of Christ’s Living Water. Thanks again.


  2. Interesting post! Thanks for sharing your findings and the scripture. Medicine is sometimes necessary, so like you, I don’t fault it. But, I think water is truly important to our diet and I can see how it really is crucial to living a healthy lifestyle. As I always say, God’s medicine is always best. 🙂


  3. In Saratoga we have stinky mineral water, and there are lots of claims that it can heal. You can drink it and there are two bath houses that still use the water for bathing. I’ve tried to start drinking it regularly and I bath every other week or so in it. Back in the 30’s people came from all over the country to heal here. I don’t always need science to back up these things. I really think if you believe in things enough the mind is a powerful enough tool on its own. But it seems water in general is very good for you. I try and dress mine up at home so I’m more apt to drink it. I’ll add lemon, lime, ginger, or strawberries and basil 🙂


    • Yes, weren’t you one of the wonderful bloggers I spoke of who had a blog about exactly that; infused water? Didn’t you also have photos and recipes on your site? Let us know and hopefully others will log on to get your great ideas. Post your blog reference here and people will find it easier, please.

      I know Saratoga, I didn’t realize that’s where you lived. It’s where my husband and I spent the first night of our married life, in fact! Great memories of that town! Anyway, we had lived in Buffalo, Wyoming for two summers and occasionally traveled to Thermopolis, Wy to enjoy the hot sulphur mineral springs there. Man did it ever stink!!! But it sure was fun and invigorating. So glad you wrote!


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