Thank You With All My “Heart”

The Versatile Blogger Award

I wish to thank Raquel from  for honoring me with the Versatile Blogger Award.  How appropriate during this week, when I’m encouraging others to find support to continue on in their health-quest,  that I should be so blessed with Raquel’s support.  Now Raquel’s truly a versatile blogger. She does it all (!) with her beauty, fashion, decorating tips, culinary and mothering skills! She keeps me quite humble.

As per the rules of the displaying the award I am to  tell you 7 things about myself so here goes:

  1. I was Vice President and then President of my high school and everyone thought I’d go into politics. (and they think hypocrites are in the church??????)
  2. I was in a great many plays and placed second in a New York State public speaking contest so everyone thought I’d go into acting. (see above!)
  3. My philosophy of life is that “it’s a smorgasbord and there’s too much to choose from and it’s only what we do for God that lasts anyway!”
  4. As a military spouse, we lived in West Berlin, Germany while it was occupied, half by the British, French and Americans and half  by the Soviet/ East German forces. Birds could travel across the divided wall, yet humans couldn’t. 
  5. I enjoyed being a tour guide in Europe for American personnel and tourists and getting paid to escort people to thousand-year old monasteries and castles!
  6. Prince Albert of Monaco once winked at me at a night club in Tunisia, while he was dancing with another. (Yeah I looked good that night! 🙂 I was also 25 years younger)
  7. My favorite baseball team will always be the Boston Red Sox, where I spent many a date in the $1 bleacher seats, hollering, “Go Yastremski!”

Now I’d like to nominate 15 others for this award which has always been difficult because I have the BEST, most versatile followers and wish I could nominate all of them. By the way, I simply added the extra commentary as an incentive, you don’t have to.

  1.  (really neat, clever beauty tips!)
  2. (excellent thought-provoking Christian posts)
  3.  (this young man just started following my blog but I’m already hooked on his!  What an intelligently written blog!)
  4.  (what a fun one with many great tips!)
  5.  (I’m cheering her on and know she’ll be successful!)
  6.  (a blog that pulls on your heart-strings and makes us grateful for the strength God gave, within us)
  7.  (you’ll understand why this lovely lady became an inspirational speaker)
  8.  (an interesting blog stated in a versatile way)
  9.  (one of my favorite inspirational blogs who overcame so much to inspire others)
  10.  (if you search out this blog, you’ll understand why she’s so special!)
  11.  (I love blogs that make me think and this one never fails to inspire!)
  12.  (one of my absolute favorites who from the beginning, touched my heart and I’ve been praying with ever since)
  13.  (this gal is another one who does it all AND does it in a wonderful common sense format!)
  14.  (I love this blog with her diversity, it’s always thought-provoking and fun)
  15.  (another one of my favorites with her common sense, practical approach to life)

Oh, that’s always the hardest part of any award, I had so many more I would have wanted to nominate and hope to do so in the future if I ever win another award nomination.

So if you’re nominated on this list, here’s what you do before you can place it on your website:

  1. Thank the person who gave you this award.
  2. include a link to their blog.
  3. next, select 15 blogs/bloggers that you’ve recently discovered or follow regularly
  4. nominate those 15 bloggers for the versatile blogger award.
  5. finally, tell the person who nominated you 7 things about yourself.

See Simple . . .   ah,  just enjoy and I hope this will lead others to discover your blog.  Thank you again, Raquel.


10 thoughts on “Thank You With All My “Heart”

  1. Ellie, Thank you for the nomination! I’ve been able to pass it on this time. Thank you for the honor last time and it came at a very busy time professionally and personally and I was not able to follow through on. This time I did, thank you!

    Seven things about myself 1. I’m an educator 2. I’m a counselor 3. We used to have a dairy farm and I raised my kids on whole cow’s milk 4. Now we milk a goat and drink it’s milk. 5. I can most of our vegetables 6. We raise our own beef 7. I ran a half-marathon this year.

    Thanks so much, Ellie, for the honor and encouragement!


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  3. Congratulations! It just goes to prove what I’ve been commenting on all along; that you have a wonderful blog here! Thanks for letting us get to know better, sharing the talents God has given you, and for letting us know about your award here! I’m so happy for you! 🙂


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