You Chose Them – Choose Wisely


9 thoughts on “You Chose Them – Choose Wisely

  1. Wow. You definitely said it perfectly… making food an idol=sin, which Jesus has died for.
    I certainly put blame on the event part… “If he hadn’t asked me to go to that restaurant with bottomless fries…” but in the end, it is up to ME to make the choice. I need to be able to own whatever choice I make.
    Thanks for the wisdom!


  2. Hi flying, so happy to hear from you. Okay so I’ve already said a prayer for discipline, it’s easy to get caught up with “wow, that’s sounds great too.” So is there anyway you can see their menu online or in the yellow pages? Have fun and make it a social night. Don’t beat yourself up, just do the best you can. (Go light or avoid heavy sauces and salad dressing) or take half of it home and remember lemon water with dinner. I have faith you’ll do fine but if not, tomorrow’s a new day of your new creation.


  3. What a great post about willpower and I agree with what is said here! It is a blessing to have it and God blesses us all with such a gift – but sometimes we need to train ourselves on how to use it and establish that rhythem; especially with faith, positive thinking and moderation. 🙂


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