Staying Hydrated Improves Our Mood as Well as Health

If ‘dieting’ is giving you a headache, making you grumpy or feeling out of sorts, there’s an easy fix.  Increase your water intake; it’s this week’s: Basic Practice.

Why, you ask? Besides rehydrating your skin, water dilates your veins and improves circulation. But there’s an even more important reason to increase water intake during weight loss and it’s this:

Have you ever worked in an office when someone was ill and you had to take over their job that day? What then happened to your desk?  Your paperwork began to pile up, resulting in not being able to accomplish all of your responsibilities, right?

Well, God created a similar relationship between our kidneys and liver.  When we don’t drink enough water, the kidneys are basically “out sick” and the liver has to take over.  One of the liver’s major job is to metabolize fat, which it can’t do because it’s out working for the kidneys right now. Therefore you get fatter and the body can’t function as it’s meant to.  Increasing water will allow us to reach and maintain a healthy weight naturally and painlessly.

And you thought you drinking water was simply to make you full! Yes, water (especially with lemon) does suppress the appetite, but that’s not the main reason you should hydrate. It’s physiology. God created our bodies as this incredible machine. Women consist approximately of 50-60% water and men, 60-70%! (The more muscular, the more water you contain.)

So that’s our Basic “FOCUS-HABIT” this week; increase water intake. Consume four glasses of water today, tomorrow five, the next day six and so on until you’re at least drinking eight glasses a day. (Plus water-based foods.) Keep a half-gallon in the refrigerator to track tangible intake.

Consider also these important incentives for drinking water:

  • When your body is thirsty, your brain sends out hunger signals because all food contains water. Drink a glass of water and after ten minutes, see if the hunger pains depart. (If you’re still hungry, eat something small and water-based, such as an apple, orange or berries.)
  • The more we eat, the more water we need to dilute our food. Eight glasses daily is a great start, but the heavier you are,  increase intake.  If you can’t stand water add a slice of lemon. Try pure seltzer water and add orange, cranberry or  pomegranate  juice for a soda.
  • You’ll feel more energetic when you hydrate because your body isn’t resisting the toxins that tire you.
  • Water assists in muscle tone, preventing your muscles from cramping up.
  • Water gets rid of toxins, relieves constipation, ridding the intestines of waste, thereby allowing absorption of more nutrients.
  • Drinking more water is the best treatment for edema and other fluid retention problems. (Example; during a women’s cycle) Taking diuretics is only a temporary solution because it forces water out of your system and your body instantly knows that’s not natural and will eventually rebel. It’s best to get rid of edema naturally by drinking water and ingesting water-based soups, salads, fruits, vegetables.
  • We’ll be happier because water flushes away toxins, making us less cranky!
  • We think more clearly and helps eliminate headaches.
  • Water moisturizes the skin, making us look younger than we are!  That alone is a great incentive!

What type of water is best? There’s no need to go out and buy expensive bottled water, you might not get what you think! Spring water depends on the spring it comes from, those drinking water bottles sometimes are plain tap water.  Before we installed a purifying system,  I purchased distilled water in the gallon bottles. “But Ellie, that’s what I put in my iron,” you scream. Distilled water is steamed and drips down in a purified state. It’s pure water. Anytime an element is added to water, it takes longer for the body to break it down.

But focus on being healthy; physically, mentally and spiritually.

As John 7:38 states, “He believeth on me, as the scripture hath said, out of his belly shall flow rivers of living water.”

Jesus has given us the Living Water that refreshes and gives eternal life to the soul.  That’s the BEST WATER ever!


12 thoughts on “Staying Hydrated Improves Our Mood as Well as Health

  1. Every photo of you shows a happy-go-lucky person, so I could have guessed that you already stay well hydrated. And don’t forget, you also eat a lot of fruits and vegetables so you are getting even more hydration along with all those great nutrients! You’re a natural at inspiring others at this! Thanks for your comment.


    • Excellent point. Water is defintely needed to flush the toxins out of our system and the flu is especially bad this year so I’ll be doing a post about preventing illnesses to the best of our ability. Even in winter it is extremely dry here in Arizona, so my skin feels worse than in the 115 degree heat! Thanks for commenting.


  2. Hahaha, yeah I feel bad for ya, as they say in Arizona . . . it’s a dddrrrrryyyy heat!! At least we don’t have to shovel the heat. Take care and it’s always good to hear from you.


  3. What a lovely compliment and so appreciated. I’ve found that creating a simple analogy to make technical topics easier for me to relate to, provided a common sense reason to change my behaviors. So I’m praying that others will relate to this as well. Thank you for your comment and hope you’ll free feel to do so in the future.


    • Although I’m not yet familar with this book, just from its title, (and will definitely check it out) it stands to reason that since the body is 60-70% water, washing out toxins, increasing the size of the arteries and blood flow, (the Bible stated that life was in the blood) assisting the liver and kidneys in their normal health production, would certainly be as beneficial. As early as the 1920’s I believe, there were health spas that provided water cures for the ill. Let me check this out and I’ll get back to you, sounds intriquing and I am so grateful for your bringing this to my attention. thank you.


  4. I agree with SignedPenny, and echo a lot of the comments made here. I also agree with your post. Staying hydrated both spiritually and physically is so crucial – and both are some of the best of God’s medicine. 🙂


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