Get Your Family Involved For Healthier Living

Continuing on with our theme of conquering one challenge at a time, (“fork down, spoon down”) let’s discuss your daily eating plan. Let’s make it as basic as possible.  I hate weighing, measuring, following complicated rules, “don’t ever eat this, eat that” – don’t you? That’s not how I want to spend the rest of my life and that’s not what God intended. Anything’s fine in moderation, use common sense.

Once again, make life a game! Get your entire family involved. For example: as you explain what calories, nutrients and enzymes are, (ex. Fat stays in your system for 5-7 hours!) ask questions. If they know the right answer there will be rewards, such as choosing the next movie.



3 thoughts on “Get Your Family Involved For Healthier Living

  1. Thanks Lauralynn, your comments mean so much to me! I hope not my words but God’s words through me, come out to encourage.

    If you have a chance, view some of my favorite food blogs you’ll probably find some great new veggie recipes: – three to start you out. Great sites and if you say I recommended that you ask, they’ll provide some wonderful vegetable recipes for you! (Even veggie casseroles can be made less fatty.) God bless – gotta go walk the dog!


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