Weight Loss Tricks to Get Past The Plateau.

Weeks of rigorous dieting and you discover the scale hasn’t budged one ounce! Discouraging!

Now you’re at the point of quitting. “Why bother? Maybe God meant for me to be at this unhealthy weight and I’ll just go back to eating cake and be content.”  No, God grieves when your Temple of the Holy Spirit is unhealthy!!

When the scale doesn’t move, you’re probably at a plateau. Were you at this particular weight previously for a while in your life? If yes, your body thinks this is where you should stay.  It happens to many dieters. We have what is called a “set point” where your body’s weight and exercise level believes your metabolism should be “set”.  While you’re silently crying out, “get my weight off!” your brain whines, “but I thought this is where you’d want to stay.” It’ll take time but the scale will move eventually.

In the meantime, here are a few suggestions to attempt to shake up your metabolism and start losing:

Vary your food intake.

  • Boredom sabotages many a diet. There’s one statistic stating that we consume the same 12 meals, 80% of the time.  This creates a pattern of “same old calories in – same old calories out!”  We have so many different ethnic foods available: Mexican, Italian, German, Asian and so on. Different herbs and seasonings contain nutrients which have different purposes in metabolism.
  • Consume spicy foods: horseradish, hot sauce, salsa, wasabi, hot peppers and anything hot/spicy have a way of jump-starting your metabolism naturally while providing valuable nutrients.
  • Consume more water based fruits, vegetables and soups. These foods convert into water, quickly passing through but leaving energy producing nutrients behind. The fiber expands, you feel fuller as you eat them and fiber binds with fat, drawing it out of your system.
  • Consider a few days of juicing to shake things up. Our bodies need a variety of nutrients an juicing gives you the widest variety.
  • Try something crazy for just a few days.  One day consume only fruit, the next vegetables, the next juices.  This isn’t how you’ll live continuously, it’s just a “jumpstart” with the difference being you know it’s simply a gimmick.
  • Consume water with lemon or clear broth before eating.
  • Vary your caloric intake over a few days. One day 1200, then 2000,1500, 1300, etc.

Vary your exercise routine.

  • Lift different weight variations or use stretchy bands and complete different exercises, using different muscle groups.
  • Don’t sit still even while watching television!! Move throughout the day!
  • Consider walking outside in the cold air. Your body will need to expend more energy to keep warm.
  • Use fast, inspirational music (Rocky Theme?) to exercise with or add a different dance to Zumba. Variations use different muscles.
  • If you walk/run, vary your speed throughout your routine; jog, sprint, run, walk, sprint again.

Consider your habits:

  • Know what you consume! Have you been unconsciously eating? What about sampling the dinner as you prepare it?  Most cooks taste and suddenly they’ve added 100 extra calories.  If this is a problem, consider eating a peppermint candy or chewing gum while you prepare dinner, brush your teeth or have someone else test food.
  • Have you ever jumped into an icy pool and felt your heart race? Taking a cold shower or drinking ice water also jumpstart your system in a small way. Your body must reve itself up to keep warm.
  • Are you drinking less water? Increasing your water intake aids digestion, allowing your liver to metabolize fat.
  • Don’t believe your own publicity! You’re not “gaunt.” Saboteurs abound. I’ll devote a whole blog to this soon.

Stand fast, realizing Satan gleefully wants you to fail. Are you going to allow him to prevent your success? It’s your choice, but I say NEVER! Let me know when you succeed.

1 Peter 5:8 “Be self-controlled and alert. Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour.”


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