“Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner?”

Roasted Chicken Dinner created by my new friend Sara at website, http://saytheblessing.com/

Sally sat down as I looked over her weekly food diary. There it was in black and white; Prime Rib, Chicken Alfredo,  Bratwurst, Chicken Fried Steak . . . !

“Sally,” I asked.  “Why did you eat these?”

“Well Ellie, you said anything was fine in moderation.”

Sigh. Yes, I certainly said that more than once.  I discovered ‘moderation’ is a subjective term and realized clarification was in order. I patiently explained that although anything was truly fine in moderation, I didn’t mean consuming fattening foods every day, especially while striving to become healthier.

How many calories you should eat daily depends on your individual age, height, weight and activity. (Google weight calculators.) If you want to lose, consume 500 calories less but not less than 1200 per day or your body won’t receive the necessary calories to work effectively. To keep your body running like a locomotive on coal, eat mini-meals throughout the day. When a train runs out of steam, it’s slower to rev up. Then it takes much longer to get it running again to normal speed.




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