Splenda Isn’t So Splendid At All!

What’s up with Splenda?

During one of my “New You in the New Year” seminars years ago, I was asked a question regarding a new product that hit the shelves called Splenda. Not knowing enough about it, I told her I would address her question after I researched it further.  What I found was shocking.

The company takes a molecule of sugar and infuses it with 3 molecules of chlorine, yes that chlorine, the chlorine you find in swimming pools. Chlorine has been known to calcify the kidneys, cause liver damage and brain reactions.  It is a toxin. Any animal who routinely ingests chlorine is at a risk for cancers.

Our body is a bunch of chemicals and food is a bunch of chemicals. Have you ever seen a chemistry lab or a movie where students place different chemicals into a vial, then watch as it bubbles up and perhaps explodes? If we place too many chemicals in our bodies we have a tendency to explode too; mentally, emotionally or physically. Chemistry can change personalities. For example, if I could invent an “anti-vitamin” blocking Thiamine (B1- the feel good vitamin) from your system, you would actually go crazy. Maintaining chemical balance is that important!

Splenda’s jingly TV commercial touted the phrase, “Made from sugar so it tastes like sugar” and at the time, probably half-truthed many into  believing it was calorie free too. At a weekend corporate function, I picked up a packet of Splenda and read the label: “1/2 teaspoon serving = 10 calories”. Wait a second, that certainly isn’t calorie free?!  Sugar has only 16 calories per teaspoon so this  item had more calories per teaspoon than sugar!  So what’s the point? Why the misconception? Was this simply another example of the almighty dollar leading people astray like sheep?

I researched further: Before it was released to the public, only 2 studies on Splenda were completed. Of these, only 36 volunteers participated and of those, merely 23 were given sucralose (Splenda). The longest trial lasted 4 days and only looked at tooth decay not human tolerance. Amazing!

2 Timothy 4:3  “For the time is coming when people will not endure sound teaching, but having itching ears they will accumulate for themselves teachers to suit their own passions”

Splenda has been shown to produce migraine headaches, panic attacks, muscle aches (fibromyalgia, perhaps?), skin rashes, dizziness and stomach pain. It atrophies the lymph glands, decreases red blood cells and causes diarrhea, just to name a few more lovely side effects. There have been no studies on the long-term effects of sucralose. (It’s true that diabetics must cut down on sugar, however studies by the American Diabetes Association profess that fatty food is as detrimental as sugar to their recovery.)

Health is more important than weight loss and people literally are dying to be thin!!  Little by little, evidence is mounting regarding Splenda’s side effects.  It’s kind of like the frog in the frying pan who doesn’t know until it’s too late that he is cooked. And yet people swear by Splenda and won’t give it up! Artificial sugars can trigger something in the human brain. People can become addicted to artificially sugared drinks, just look at sugar-free colas, for example.

Even if a preacher declared something was Biblically true but it didn’t sound right, I would urge you to research on your own. Personally, I could only find three positive pamphlets or websites and those were ads.

Bottom line: we live under grace and can pretty much consume what we desire, so it is your choice. Sugar was made by God, Splenda by man. God doesn’t make mistakes, man does. Sugar floods us with pleasure by stimulating the release of the neurotransmitter serotonin, and other mood-elevating substances.  I urge you to use real sugar, just use less of it.


12 thoughts on “Splenda Isn’t So Splendid At All!

  1. This is quite revealing, tho i don’t use splenda, but is so helpful, really love this all the effort you put into it. One thing that struck me you also recognize that people are not encouraged to question things, to search for themselves….and indeed any half truth is an outright lie, for the thief comes to steal kill and destroy, thankyou Great Post


  2. I am so glad you see the broader implication of what I am trying to say. Thank you so much!

    People must “test the spirits” and discover truth for themselves. We are are responsible for our own actions before God. As a nutritionist, I could have made a small fortune urging my doctors’ patients to follow a liquid plan or some other diet gimmick. However I answer to a higher calling and couldn’t trick patients into believing a false diet plan. A real diet is one that lasts a lifetime, just like salvation.


  3. Hi Blessed, I’m so sorry – I hope you don’t throw your creamer out, (it does sound yummy, especially for this time of year) because I usually tell everyone that anything’s fine in moderation. I’m not an alarmist, just a realist. This Splenda does worry me however because people aren’t aware and consume a lot of it.

    We ingest chemicals everyday so I advise building up your immune system to combat those attacks. Wash and eat more alkaline based foods such as vegetables, citrus fruits and whole grains. I also hate to see waste if you use your creamer over a longer time line I’m quite sure you’ll be fine. It’s those who swear by it and become addicted to it that I worry about.

    Thanks for your comment, feel free to ask me any nutritional question in the future.


  4. What a lovely comment Lexie. It’s so appreciated. I’m so glad I could realistically clarify how cautious I am around artificial sweetners and gimmicks. I’m sure you get as frustrated as I do when someone just assumes you know what they are talking about, (like fat grams, etc.) In fact I had a post entitled “So What Does This Mean To Me In Dog Years???” which was fun to write.

    By the way, I’ve enjoyed reading your posts as well. I was a distance runner when I was younger too! Man in those days I could eat anything I wanted! And as a runner have you checked out another runner’s blog, http://trifatherhood.com/ blog by Chad Nikazy? Such a sweet post. I think you’d enjoy it. Thanks again.


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