You Can’t Outsmart a Fat Cell and Ya Sure Can’t Starve It to Death!

“Jack” was a thorn in my side!  He was his own man and followed his own rules – at least the latest nutritional ones he discovered online or in some magazine.  That which he didn’t like he discounted as false and searched for something more intriguing. It reminded me of President Jefferson cutting out sections of Scripture he didn’t believe in to create his own Bible.  I believe Absolute Truth is Absolute Truth, and Physiology is Physiology.

1 Corinthians 2:14, ” The natural person does not accept the things of the Spirit of God, for they are folly to him, and he is not able to understand them because they are spiritually discerned.”

Well, one day Jack announced: “I’m gonna try a starvation diet to lose weight.” 

I’ve got news for him. He didn’t know jack, pun intended! No one can outsmart a fat cell, it’s smarter than we are!  Our bodies want to survive and will do everything in its power to do so. When it doesn’t receive enough calories to maintain its basic metabolic rate, it automatically slows down, going into its protection mode. In other words, it’s one step ahead of us!  The only true way to lose for a lifetime is to eat nutritious “mini-meals” throughout the day and understand what “nutritious” actually means.

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3 thoughts on “You Can’t Outsmart a Fat Cell and Ya Sure Can’t Starve It to Death!

  1. Ellie, you are sooo right on with this article! So many people think they lose “body weight” by starving themselves but in truth they are only losing “water weight” and that’s why the moment they return to eating as they normally do, the weight comes right back. The truth is weigh yourself everyday and if you see the scale going in the wrong direction, pay attention to what your are putting in your mouth. Drink more water and eat less carbs and salt especially salt-laden soups, crackers, and chips and eat fresh veggies and fruits instead. Your body requires food so eat everyday, but be smart and choose wisely: Cookies or sliced cucumbers, candy or pomegranate nubs, ice-cream with sprinkles or non-fat cottage cheese with fresh berries sprinkled on top. Yes, you can eat and still lose weight! It’s just a matter of making smart choices in moderation of what enters the body and then making sure you drink plenty of water. Like Ellie reminds us often, water is essential for hydration and for nutrient absorption so drink up and give cheers to our Lord and Savior for His wonderful creation!


  2. Thanks so much Jennifer for taking the time to comment. I so appreciate it! Great suggestions!

    Anyone else out there have some challenges with dieting fallacies? I’m going to address diet fallacies this upcoming week and would appreciate feedback.

    I did want to however, clarify an issue Jennifer, about weighing yourself everyday. I’m sure you realize it but most people don’t, that a pint equals a pound – so if someone fails to weigh themselves at the same time and way, it could cause discouragement and eventually failure. (It might only be coffee or juice weight and they think it’s the “diet” they are on and give up.) Since I preach health is more important than weight loss, I advised my patients to weight themselves weekly or find something tangible (like a belt notch to see how many inches they were losing). Once again, I appreciate your comments.


    • I guess I should have clarified more about the scale reading aspect…sorry. Of course, Ellie, you are correct about people weighing differently day to day and at different times of the day – even not placing the scale on the same place on the floor can make a big difference and you shouldn’t weigh yourself right after exercising neither. We, my husband and I, actually chart our weight monthly because we have a new one year membership at a local gym and have a competition going between us as to who has lost the most body fat, inches, and weight monthly. So yes, though we do weigh every few days just to compare with each other, weight isn’t the only indicator of proper health. For example; I have lost almost 28 lbs in 4 months but my body fat is still in the obese category though I have lost 2 dress sizes and have been the smallest I have been in over 10 years! I still have to get my body fat (visceral) down by another 5-7% and even though I may not continue to lose weight as rapidly I am now, I will continue to increase my muscle mass while decreasing my fat mass. And Ellie, is also correct about the propensity of body fat for men, even though my husband was more unfit than me when we began, he has lost a greater percentage of body fat and is the “fair” range now while I’m still in the “obese” range. It is very unfair and he can eat 200-300 more calories than I can in a day, too (double bummer)! However, I won this month in weight and inches though we both tied in body fat loss! YIPEE!!! (So we are 2-2 now with 8 months left in the competition and Jim will probably win overall in the end but I’m determined not to make it too easy for him – LOL!)

      Not only are we eating healthier now, we are on also following a strength training and cardiovascular program at the gym so we are using both proper exercise and diet to get fit and stay healthy. We use your website as a great source of confirmation and encouragement to keep us on course with this new change of life. And believe us, change is a challenge and temptation will always be there to lure us away, so we really do appreciate you sharing and inspiring us and others! Thank you, Ellie!


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