But When I Eat Breakfast I’m Hungrier!

That’s right, sometimes we do get hungrier a few hours after we eat breakfast! Ever wonder why?  It’s physiology and has to do with our digestion timetable. 

 So what does this mean to me in “dog years” ?

When a person gets up in the morning his body, most likely, has been on an eight-hour fast. It’s now raring to go, saying “feed me!”!  When a person eats breakfast, that basically starts off their metabolism for the entire day. It’s happy! 

When you fail to “break that fast”, your body goes into its protection mode. “Oh my gosh,” it screams,  “the crops have failed, we’re gonna starve!!”  then it slows your metabolism down to protect you, because it thinks something is wrong, you’re sick or it’s going to die. (At least that’s what your brain is telling your body)  A healthy man/woman  can survive a month or more without food but only a few days without water.

Carbohydrates, contrary to the latest fads, are our friends!  Your brain, which was created by God,  feeds primarily on carbohydrates.  God didn’t place us in the Garden of Eden and then say, “Na,na, you can’t eat any of it though, because carbs are bad for you!” Nope, see Genesis 1:29 and 2:9, 16,17.

Carbohydrates convert to energy in about 15-30 minutes.  That’s why orange juice quickly given, is so important to diabetics.  But carbs only last about 2-3 hours in your bloodstream before you are hungry again. (One reason why we get hungry so soon after most Chinese food, lots of vegetables!) The body should consume mini-meals throughout the day so our blood sugar won’t drop and we won’t lunge for that chocolate donut when we lose control.

Build yourself up with good complex carbs for breakfast – that means a good quality high fiber cereal like raisin bran, shredded wheat, Great Grains, or any other that doesn’t taste like cardboard! Life’s too short to eat bad cheese, you know what I mean? It should taste good!  Fresh strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, cantaloupe or any other fruit will add flavor as well as fiber.  Oatmeal with raisins, walnuts and a little maple syrup is delicious on cold days and provide not only B vitamins but a sense of comfort too. Peanut butter on an english muffin is fine as well.

Protein lasts approximately 2-4 hours before it’s digested.  If you want to cook yourself an Egg McMuffin with an english muffin, Canadian bacon and a slice of light cheese, it isn’t bad for you. But don’t have one every day because there’s not much fiber in it. Why is fiber important you ask? Fiber allows insulin to be released more slowly into your bloodstream and helps keep you feeling satisfied longer without the typical hunger surge.

Fats will take 5-7 hours to be digested!  Just consider this:  At 8am, a typical American who consumes 2 eggs, bacon, fried hash browns and buttered toast will have that fat in their system until 1-3 pm that afternoon.  At noon, lunch might consist of a hamburger, fries or a cold cut sub sandwich and chips with a cola. That fat lasts until 5-7pm in their system. Meanwhile at 6pm, he might delve into a fried chicken or steak dinner, with a baked potato with butter/sour cream, a garden salad with 2 tablespoons of creamy ranch dressing (180 fat calories in that alone) and glass of beer/wine. Do you see how the fat calories just seem to stagnate as the day wears on?  Unless you run up and down stairs all day or you’re a construction builder, you’ll never burn up all those fat calories in a day!

Eat sensibly – eat for nutrients!  Balance your day with approximately 60% complex carbohydrates, 15-20% protein and 20-25% good fats.  Actually make it easy on yourself and have primarily fresh fruits and vegetables and high fiber or whole, with approximately 6 oz of meat all day. Enjoy Eating!


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