God Doesn’t Make Junk!

So you want to lose weight but don’t think you are worth the effort? First, stop the negative stinkin’ thinkin’! Start turning your thoughts into postive affirmations.  If you don’t, then you’re only setting yourself up for failure right from the start.  You must love yourself as God loves you and start seeing yourself through God’s eyes. Wouldn’t it be a boring world if we all looked like Cindy Crawford or Tom Cruise? No two people are exactly alike and amazingly, God has known each one of us since we were in our mother’s womb. Psalm 139: 13-16.

In order to succeed in this nutritional quest you are on, you must discover who you are, how you grew up and why you do what you do. The perfect mind,body, spirit connection. God formed us in His very image and then declared, “it was very good”! So first you must convince yourself that you are, faults and all, worth it.  Remember, just as parents love their children no matter what, God loves you and desires what’s best for you.  We aren’t perfect, but we’re not junk!

So what’s the first step? The first step is a mind-set ready for change. Galations 6:4 “Each one should test his own actions. Then he can take pride in himself without comparing himself to anyone else.”   Have the right attitude.  Strive to change for the right reasons. As much as I wanted my patients to be healthy (and health is more important than weight loss) they had to want it more! Consider small changes at first. No food is either good or bad, it’s simply food. “All things are permissable but not all things are beneficial.” I Corinthians 10:23.  Now please don’t throw away all the food in your cupboard that some people consider “bad”. That would be wasteful and against God’s principles.  A small change would be to resolve not to purchase any more processed foods or foods ladened with chemicals and perservatives and bring it into your house. Because if it’s in your house, it’s going to be in your personal Temple eventually.

Second, you must start to understand why you do what you do.  Sometimes a cookie isn’t just a cookie. Sometimes a cookie represents warmth, comfort, memories of home, love, security . . .  it’s not wrong to eat a cookie if you are in control but if the desire for a cookie isn’t controlling you, then you need to discover why you need it.

Third, be truthful with yourself. I mean, it’s your choice, so why lie to yourself? If you defiantly state that you are going to eat that cookie, then own it! Failure’s only an opportunity for learning who you are and skills to beat temptation.  Start to recognize your challenges so you can be aware of them and begin taking steps to change your habits. We’ll develop strategies as we continue along.

Help yourself by keeping a food diary for two weeks. Be honest. No one is going to see it but you so write everything down so you can be aware. You might also want to write how you are feeling and what time of day it is.

Strive toward excellence, not perfection!  Remember, God doesn’t make junk!






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